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Which Social Media Network Do Teens Like the Most?

Despite the genuine possibility of TikTok ending up being the most popular social networks platform amongst U.S. teenagers, a brand-new report from Piper Sandler exposes that this is not the case.

These outcomes are based upon a study of 10,000 teenagers in the United States with a typical age of 15.8.

.Snapchat has actually increased the space with TikTok, its closest rival.

Snapchat was voted the preferred social networks platform by 35% of teenagers, and TikTok by 30% —– this is intriguing since, in Spring 2021 , Snapchat (31%) and TikTok (30%) were essentially deadlocked for the title of teenager favorite.

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TikTok appears to have actually stopped growing in appeal regardless of being preferred by GenZ and grownups in basic. The platform’’ s appeal has actually decreased substantially from 13% to 30% of teenagers pointing out TikTok as their preferred in Spring 2020 to 30% a year later on.

In the meantime, Instagram is still in decrease. A simple 22% of teenagers voted Instagram their chosen social networks platform, compared to 25% a year back. Facebook and Twitter are still less appealing, with just 2% picking one or the other as their preferred social media platform.

.Instagram is still ahead of the video game in engagement.

According to the study, teenagers invest approximately 4.2 hours daily on social networks. Despite the fact that Instagram was ranked 3rd amongst teenagers as their preferred social networks platform, it still has the greatest engagement —– 81% of teenagers go to Instagram a minimum of when a month. This is a decline from the 84% who specified the very same thing a year back.

Snapchat’’ s month-to-month use likewise fell somewhat from 80% to 77% in Fall 2020, while TikTok engagement increased to 73% from 69% in Fall 2020.

And, when again, Twitter (38%), Pinterest (33%), and Facebook (27%) saw much lower rates of teenager engagement.

.Teenager costs patterns exposed.

Piper Sandler likewise analyzed where teenagers invest their cash. The most current study discovered that teenagers report investing approximately $2,274 each year, increasing 6% over in 2015.

Clothing represent 22% of teenagers’ ’ purchases– 2014 was the last time it was their # 1 top priority. In addition, clothes is the top-ranked product in upper-income women’ ’ wallets, representing 29% —– the greatest considering that 2013.

Around two-thirds (67%) of teenagers recognize themselves as players, a small reduction from 69% in 2015. The report approximates that teenagers will invest 14% on computer game in the coming year, approximately $209 per individual.

The total report is offered here .


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