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When to Target Low Search Volume Keywords

Going after the “low-hanging fruit” prevails suggestions in the SEO world. Ranking for those terms will assist you rank for larger terms down the line, a minimum of that’s the basic belief.

Do you believe that’’ s real?


There may be some reality to it, however there are numerous factors to target low search volume keywords whether your website is well-seasoned or new.

In this guide, I’’ ll cover why low search volume keywords are vital to SEO and reveal you how to discover them.

.Factors to Target Low Volume Keywords.

There are lots of circumstances where you would wish to target low search volume keywords. Let’’ s have a look at 6 of my most popular factors.

.1. , if User Intent Is High..

User intent describes the reason that somebody is browsing a particular expression into Google. When somebody searches for the ““ finest tennis shoes ” versus “ tennis shoes, ” each of these keywords has a various intent.


Someone who looks for the very best athletic shoe is most likely trying to find evaluations of athletic shoe. When we put that into Google, the outcomes show to be real.

The bulk of outcomes Google supplies are evaluations of the very best athletic shoe since that’’ s what individuals desire. This informs us the majority of people who browse this expression wind up clicking evaluations.


If we alter the search to ““ athletic shoe ” the outcomes are significantly various. Now we’’ re not getting outcomes for evaluations of shoes, however we ’ re getting outcomes of locations to purchase shoes and various brand names rather.

What does this suggest?

It suggests the keyword ““ finest athletic shoe ” has an informational-based search intent . This might imply the individual has an interest in purchasing shoes however hasn’’ t totally chose a place or a brand name to purchase them.

They may wish to check out evaluations, browse the web, and look around a little prior to making a decision.

When somebody searches ““ athletic shoe, ” it ’ s clear they ’ re prepared to purchase and they understand what they desire. This is thought about transactional intent — significance they wish to purchase.

If we’’ re composing an evaluation on the very best tennis grips and we’’ re attempting to get individuals who are looking into instead of purchasing, we might wish to target the following keywords.

The keyword ““ finest tennis grips for sweaty hands ” is an extremely particular keyword. Although it just averages 140 searches monthly, it might still be a rewarding long-tail keyword due to the fact that it’’ s extremely targeted and the search intent is area on.

.2. If Search Difficulty Is Low.

Search trouble describes how challenging it will be for you to rank for a particular keyword. Among the primary factors individuals target low keywords is due to the fact that it’’ s simple for them to rank rapidly without much work.


If you refer back to the previous image, you ’ llsee “ finest tennis grips ” has a search volume of 320 with “a problem of 41.” This implies the keyword may be challenging to rank, and would need more backlinks and greater authority.


The keyword listed below it, “ finest tennis grips for sweaty hands ” will be a lot easier to rank for since” it just has a search trouble of 18. As you can see, it has a lower search volume.


One of the standard concepts of SEO is to discover as lots oflow competitors keywords as possible and include them in your material as naturally as you can. By doing this, you may spread yourself broad over various keywords, however they ’ re all low competitors so you ’ ll have the ability to rank rapidly, get traffic on your website , and increase your domain authority to start to target more competitive keywords.

. 3. If It ’ s a Long-Tail Keyword That Contains a High VolumeKeyword.’ low search volume long tail keywords

Take an appearance at the list of keywords above. These all have low searchvolume. If you take a look at the one highlighted with a rectangular shape around it, you ’ ll see it includes 9 words, that makes it a “ long-tail keyword. ” Long-tail keywords are expressions which contain more than” 4 words and frequently, they consist of a high search volume keyword in the middle.


That ’ s the casewith this example.


While “ what isthe very best tennis “racket for intermediate gamers ” might just get 20 searches each month, the keyword “ finest tennis rackets ” gets 8,100 searches monthly. As an outcome, you might wish to target these long-tail keywords and place a whole piece of material around them with the intent of ultimately getting the high-volume keyword.

When you’’ re starting with a more recent website or attempting to grow an existing one, you’’ ll target these kinds of keywords which contain the high search volume keyword since they provide you a method to get both of them without needing to go all in on the extremely competitive expression. The very same chooses high search volume, low competitors keywords.

.4. If You’’ re Covering a Niche Topic.

If we advance with the tennis example, tennis is thought about a specific niche subject. It’’ s something that doesn ’ t interest everybody, however those who enjoy it will wish to know as much as possible about the sport. They’’ re extremely thinking about it and will invest a great deal of cash to acquire items to make them much better at it.

As an outcome, it is advantageous to pursue low search volume keywords even if they wear’’ t produce a great deal of traffic. Google is putting a lot more focus on the comprehensiveness of a site and rewarding those who cover subjects to the maximum level.

In reality, a fantastic example of this was available in a 2021 upgrade where they targeted affiliate sites with ““ thin material. ” Thin material describes pieces that wear ’ t include a great deal of worth or character to the services or items they promote.

Affiliate marketing sites are infamous for this.

Let’’ s state you’have a website and you ’ re promoting tennis rackets on Amazon. Some affiliate websites will merely copy whatever in the Amazon item description over to their website and slap an affiliate link on it.

You can’’ t do this, according to Google . They describe it as “ scraped content ” and while they won ’ t punish you for it, they ’ re satisfying websites that include insight and fascinating anecdotes in addition to item specs.


How does this tie into low search volume keywords and specific niche subjects?


Targeting low search volume keywords isn ’ t constantlyabout traffic. The objective of your website must be subject proficiency and proficiency. Google is paying a lot more attention to this nowadays. You can ’ t just be the very best keyword research study specialist and anticipate to rank immediately any longer.


Google wishes to see you really comprehend the subjectand are enthusiastic about it. As an outcome, you can cover substantial subjects by looking into low search volume keywords that supply a well-rounded piece of material for the reader. Doing so reveals you not just comprehend SEO however comprehend the subject you ’ re covering.

. 5. , if It Has a Low Cost-Per-Click( CPC )..

The cost-per-click is the typical expense a marketer pays to get somebody to click their Google advertisement . If specific low search volume keywords likewise have a low expense per click you may wish to target them since it would be simple for you to vanquish the competitors and succeed of the SERP even if it ’ s just for 50 individuals a month.


Keywords that have a high CPC are more competitive and will cost more to get you one click. If you ’ re targeting a keyword with a$ 4.00CPC, chances are possibilities ’ ll have to have a large budget big spending plan willing to prepared more than that per click if you’expect to anticipate on the first pageVery first


That expense can accumulate rapidly and it doesn ’ t indicate a conversion. You ’ re paying more than$ 4.00 simply to get somebody to click through to yoursite. The rest depends on you.


’By pursuing low search volume keywords, there is less competitors and the expense of getting somebody to your site is lower.

.6. For Link-Building Purposes.

We all understand link structure is a crucial piece of the SEO puzzle and obtaining as numerous top quality backlinks as possible is essential if you anticipate to ever rank for anything. One method a great deal of individuals obtain backlinks is through manual outreach.


You connect to site owners in your specific niche to see if they ’ re thinking about either consisting of a link to your material on their website or repairing a damaged linkby changing it with your excellent piece of material.


For this to work, you require to have a excellent piece of material with trafficthat reveals the site owner you ’ re worth their time.


A terrific method to do this is targeting a lot of low search volume keywords that relate to your specific niche however may not be the most competitive. By doing so, you ’ re developing a piece of material that is fascinating and topically pertinent to the individual you ’ re connecting to. This increases the possibilities of them consisting of a link on their’website.

. Frequently Asked Questions About Low Volume Keywords. How to Determine Search Volume for Keywords?

Ubersuggest is an excellent tooland is envisioned above in a number of the images.All you require to do is input the tool and an expression will offer appropriate keywords in addition to their search volume.

What Is a Good Keyword Search Volume?

There ’ s actually no particular volume due to the fact that the objective is to discover a keyword with as low competitors by high search volume as possible. You ’ ll have a much easier time ranking in a much shorter quantity of time if you can do that.

How to Find High Search, Low Competition Keywords?

Finding low search volume keywords with high traffic isn ’ t simple. If it was simple, you wouldn ’ t have countless individuals completing versus each other, and we ’d all get to rank for whatever keywords we desired. Use Google Trends , research study utilizing tools like Ahrefs , and spy on your competitors by seeing what keywords they rank for.

How to Get Search Volume for Keywords?

Finding the search volume of a keyword is as basic as punching it into among the different tools. You can utilize Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, SEMRush , and even Google Keyword Planner. All of these tools will show search volume. Bear in mind these are quotes so the outcomes might differ from tool to tool.

. Conclusion.

Finding low search volume keywords is a terrific method to get traffic to your site whether you ’ re simply beginning or making certain your website is topically pertinent.There are numerous piecesto the SEO puzzle and we ’ re constantly attempting to find out how to get ahead of our competitors’.


If you ’ re having a hard time to determine keyword research study and SEO, we can assist . Make certain to keep these ideas in mind as you perform your research study and created the next list of keywords you prepare to target.


Do you believe low search volume keywords can assist you rank for greater search volume keywords? Let me understand why in the remarks.


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