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When (and When Not) to Outsource Link Building

Posted by Alex-T

Have you ever contracted out link structure? How did you like the experience?

To be sincere, my own was dreadful. Enable me to share my story.

When I had a common 9-to-5 task as a marketing director at SEMrush, we decided to get more links from the leading resources in our section. We wound up working with a company to assist us construct these links. The company was charging us an outrageous $13K a month, however, sadly, the high rate didn’’ t equivalent quality. They weren ’ t efficient in composing anything significant, not to discuss releasing their material on reliable market blog sites. What made things even worse was the truth that I brought them on board.

Needless to state, we quit working with this firm. We chose to provide another one a shot, believing that this time luck would be on our side.

Well, we were incorrect. The 2nd company charged us almost 3 times less and guaranteed superior quality work with excellent outcomes and exceptional links, the result was frustrating, to state the least. We wound up getting links from unimportant material released on websites that discussed whatever, from the 10 finest sex positions to the supreme guide on cleaning your toilet.

As outrageous as it might sound today, at that time, I didn’’ t feel entertained. These 2 stopped working efforts at contracting out link structure left me persuaded in 2 things: getting top quality links is a task to be done internally, and outsourcing is just putting cash down the drain.

Fast forward to now, and I can truthfully inform you that my viewpoint on outsourcing has actually altered. Considering that these 2 regrettable circumstances with outsourcing, I went from working for SEMrush to being a freelancer, and, when the quantity of work began to grow, I released my own link structure company, Digital Olimpus. As I got more experience in this field, I began to understand why our efforts at outsourcing stopped working so badly.

At that time, I didn’’ t understand the ropes of link acquisition. We weren’’ t planning ahead to develop stringent requirements to avoid us from getting links from low-grade websites. Therefore, as I went through experimentation, I collected some special insights about the advantages and disadvantages of link structure outsourcing. Today, I’’d like to share these insights with you so you can much better comprehend which choice is the best one for you —– to employ a company or an internal link contractor.

.When is contracting out the best option for you?

Here’’ s my point of view as the owner of a link structure company.

The bulk of our customers concern us due to the fact that they wear’’ t have the time or resources to establish a good link structure procedure on their own. The majority of the time, their present focus is moved towards some other company objectives, however they still comprehend the worth of links and have some pages that are attempting to rank well on Google.

Usually, our perfect customer understands what type of pages they wish to increase by means of links, and they comprehend how SEO works. They have an SEO group that has an absence of resources to step into link structure, so they’’ re looking for somebody who might assist them get some juicy links.

So, at the end of the day, our customers spend for our understanding and experience. There are likewise other factors why business might select to contract out link structure to a firm as opposed to working with an internal expert.

.1. , if employing a skilled link contractor is too costly..

The very first factor to contract out link structure remains in the recruitment expenses.

According to Glassdoor, the typical income of a junior-level link home builder has to do with 30-40K, while those who are incredibly experienced will be trying to find an approximated annual wage around 100K USD. When it comes to the per hour rate, the most affordable would be $13, while more skilled link structure experts anticipate you to pay them as high as $16 an hour.

Besides wages, you likewise require to think about other points. Your internal link structure expert would likewise require material established particularly for link structure functions, which ought to have its own different spending plan. Apart from that, to do the task appropriately, they require to have access to backlink analysis tools , like Ahrefs (expenses $99/month), SEMrush (likewise $99/month), Moz (beginning $99/month), and Pitchbox (beginning with $300/month). All in all, you’’ ll need to spend for these tools, which alone will cost around 6K a year.

To put a long story short, working with an internal link contractor will cost you a quite cent. It may take you rather a while to discover the internal link contractor you’’ re looking for. While’you ’ re browsing for one, you might offer a company a shot to get your link structure method began.

.2. , if you require to get links directly away..

The greatest distinction in between employing an internal link contractor vs. a firm is the speed of getting links. Generally, a company currently has a tried-and-tested link structure method, while an internal link home builder still needs to establish one.

In my viewpoint, this is the most significant reason our customers are picking our fellow link structure companies and us. We have a reputable procedure of structure links, however most notably –– we’’ ve currently established significant relationships throughout specific markets and specific niches. In some cases, it doesn’’ t take us longer than a couple of minutes to protect a link.

However, if you choose to do link structure on your own, you shouldn’’ t anticipate instantaneous outcomes. Usually, it takes 3-4 months to begin getting at least 10-20 links monthly. It may take you a while to discover the right and significant method to link with other websites, and to discover how to pitch your concepts appropriately.

I must state that, even for my firm, it’’ s constantly a huge problem to open a brand-new specific niche and begin developing a good variety of links monthly. The very first couple of months are leading to 2-4 links, which for sure can’’ t be referred to as a good circulation of links.

.3. , if you require aid informing your group on how to construct links the best method..

The exchange of understanding and experience is another factor to contract out link structure. It’’ s absolutely why I contract out some jobs, and work carefully with those who have considerable know-how in the locations where I put on’’ t feel as positive.


Paying for understanding is an outstanding method to invest cash, particularly if you do not have time. I comprehend how long it would take me to discover prior to I might do technical SEO myself, so I’’d rather work with somebody to assist me with that rather. And, while we’’ re working together, I’’ ll take this chance to improve my understanding.

For this specific factor, we have a couple of professionals on our group who are dealing with other jobs, however happily share their special techniques and techniques with us. It’’ s like a breath of fresh air– their experience offers us brand-new point of views on structure premium links.

By the method, if you choose to employ an internal link contractor, it may take them rather a long time to discover how to deal with such professionals, while a link structure company would currently have reputable relationships with them.

So, with all that stated, attempt to view outsourcing as a knowing chance. If you currently have some experience in link structure, you wear’’ t always require to ask a company to inform you. Rather, you can follow their technique if you see that it ’ s working. We have a couple of customers who follow this reasoning, as they do connect structure in-house while still being under our assistance. Sure, one day, they may begin constructing links separately, however it feels great that we paved that course for them.

.4. , if you desire links that would take you ages to get by yourself..

Again, it’’ s everything about the connections and how well you can construct relationships with them. If you wear’’ t have a tight circle of partners, you’can ’ t anticipate fast arise from your link structure efforts.


Usually, the very best link structure firms currently have a fantastic network of partners. It’’ s still extremely crucial to verify that a firm runs within your specific niche and has some significant connections.

But even if the company hasn’’ t worked in your specific niche prior to’, put on ’ t offer up on it simply. Probably, the company may still have the ability to network much faster due to existing relationships with partners and word-of-mouth power.

Still, even for a skilled company, establishing the network of connections in a untouched and brand-new field will take a while. We’’ re constantly extremely transparent when it concerns informing a customer that we sanctuary’’ t yet worked within their market, however some customers are all set to wait. Your requirements may be various, so constantly bring up this concern to prevent misconceptions.

.5. , if you require to scale your present link structure efforts..

Sometimes brand names understand that link structure can be an excellent method for them, however they may not totally comprehend how to approach it, thinking about the specifics of their market and specific niche. The firm will assist you choose the best angle and examine your present link structure requires objectively if this is your case.

Another discomfort point that makes our customers request for our aid is constructing links to troublesome targets. Some pages —– business ones, for instance —– are tough to develop links to in a natural method. In my current article , I talked more on the subject of structure links to industrial pages and a couple of examples of how it can be done. If you have a hard time with obtaining links to some pages, you can outsource this job to a company, which will discover the ideal method to resolve these problems and tackle them.

.When contracting out isn’’ t your finest alternative.

As somebody who went through an undesirable experience with outsourcing, I need to state that you truly need to understand what you require when employing a company. This may be the very first and most important factor not to contract out link structure –– you need to understand what to anticipate.

However, there are likewise other circumstances when contracting out link structure will be a wild-goose chase and cash. Let’’ s have a look.

’. 1. You ’ re searching for digital PR and consider it connect structure.

Over the years, I’’ ve fulfilled a great deal of prospective customers who request short articles on leading websites in their market simply for the sake of having their brand name pointed out by a popular resource. While getting links from such sites would benefit your brand name image, this is a job for PR.

Here’’ s the important things: Links got from such resources are typically extremely weak from an SEO viewpoint. There are cases when visitor factors offer links from these websites. In among them, a popular author who worked for Forbes and Entrepreneur offered links under the radar, which is prohibited by Google’’ s standards.

As an outcome, links to such sites hardly ever bring any advantage, due to the fact that they put on’’ t bring the SEO worth we are typically trying to find.

From an SEO viewpoint, the very best links originate from sites that are not associated with such suspicious activities. In addition, put on’’ t be fast to trust influencers, given that they frequently offer links on their sites.

Instead, search for a site that doesn’’ t have visitor posts. Google generally prefers visitor publishing, while pressing the sites which are just utilized for link structure to the bottom of search results page.

.2. You wear’’ t have a strong SEO method and you simply wish to develop some links.

Many customers wear ’ t comprehend that link structure and SEO are adjoined. You require to keep in mind that the outcomes just come if you make links to the ideal pages from an SEO viewpoint when it comes to connect structure.

What does that indicate? Such pages ought to target the ideal keywords appropriate to your service, which wear’’ t have a ridiculous level of competitors. Material that is assigned on those pages must match user intent .

Just for context, it takes 10 times more time to get a page with industrial intent to the top of Google results, specifically if the leading 10 have informative intent.

Ideally, you ought to comprehend the number of links you require in order to close the present link space; otherwise, it may take ages for your page to rank well on Google. By examining what type of links your competitors have actually currently developed, you can establish the best requirements for your link structure company.

.3. You have really stringent requirements and a firm can’’ t struck that mark.

Sometimes, customers undervalue their link structure requirements. Other times, their expectations can be way too high, and it turns into a genuine issue. Let me offer you some examples.

Once, we had a customer that desired us to carry out an entire brand-new link structure technique simply for his project. Whatever needs to have gone fantastic, other than he forgot to inform us that he would require a distinct method, and what we can offering at that time wasn’’ t what he was interestedin.


Naturally, our collaboration ended on that note. We chose to return the funds to this customer and progress. Now we do a thorough interview with every customer to provide an extremely in-depth summary of our link structure technique and our abilities.

The very same issue can happen in a couple of other cases:

.You desire links that will be assigned just in specific material. If it gets links through visitor blogging, ask the firm. If not, this is not the very best choice for you. You have a list of websites from which you wish to get links. Contrary to what you may anticipate, link structure isn’’ t a specific science, and it ’ s hard to ensure or forecast that a link will be protected on a specific website. You desire links just on pages that have actually currently developed a strong variety of links and are currently ranking well on Google. That’’ s a wise technique, however it needs to just be done internally, given that getting a link on such a page may take ages.

So, as I pointed out in the past, ask the company about its abilities prior to you contract out link structure. If you and the firm have clear expectations of the last outcome, it would be reasonable for both sides.

.4. You anticipate to get recommendation traffic from links that a firm will be constructing for you.

Unfortunately, there’’ s very little possibility that recommendation traffic will come. Digital marketing professionals validate that there’’ s a really slim opportunity that even guest blogging on leading websites will bring you a strong circulation of recommendation visitors.

Nowadays, constant recommendation traffic just comes through sources of natural traffic. A fine example is this post with a list of SEO tools by Brian Dean that gets over 7K natural visitors each month:

Certainly, tools noted in Brian’’ s post are all getting some traffic, too, as those visitors are checking out them and would like to read more about them.

In basic, we hardly ever see that our customers are getting recommendation traffic. Getting a great link is one circumstance, however getting an excellent link that will send out recommendation traffic is an entire other story.

In my viewpoint, developing the links that will probably send you a strong circulation of recommendation visitors needs an analysis of present sources of recommendation traffic to your rivals and market leaders. You should attempt to comprehend the factor behind this traffic, whether it’’ s an active audience, being included in a newsletter, and so on. The whole procedure varies from the link structure technique we generally follow.

.5. You’’ re too hectic to interact your feedback to the company.

If you anticipate the link structure company to provide the outcomes you anticipate, interaction is crucial. Outsourcing is not about forgetting and handing over the job about it. It’’ s about close partnership.

With that stated, be prepared to need to go on a variety of calls with a company simply to find out the link structure method you will follow, not to discuss other associated conferences that will happen while doing so. If your link structure requirements are really particular, it is particularly crucial.

So, let me repeat –– continuous interaction is essential for constructing juicy, top quality links. If you put on’’ t have time to talk with the firm and articulate your expectations and requirements effectively, contracting out link structure is not the right alternative for you.

.6. You put on’’ t have an adequate spending plan.

If you are preparing to employ a company to contract out link structure, you ought to assess your monetary scenario initially, since it will cost you a reasonable quantity of cash.

To offer you some context, we just take long-lasting agreements beginning with $10K since one-time collaborations wear’’ t aid bring long-term link structure outcomes. In basic, the whole procedure of structure links ought to be continuous, and your site ought to continually reveal an increasing link development chart:

So, no matter how tough you attempt, the absence of an organized technique to link structure indicates no concrete outcomes, and the customer won’’ t get any benefit from these links. That’’ s what made me comprehend that single-time link structure is a wild-goose chase and cash.

.What’’ s the decision?

All in all, I ought to state that working with a link structure company deserves every cent, as long as it has the experience you’’ re searching for, naturally. Simply from the logical viewpoint, it’’ s much harder and more cost-intensive to do link structure on your own, specifically if you have little understanding of it.

There are likewise other advantages of outsourcing link structure. When you’’ re working with a firm to develop links, you’’ re paying for the speed of getting links. A firm currently has all the connections to get links much faster, in addition to a reputable procedure of structure links in basic.

Nevertheless, examine your requirements. Contracting out may not be the very best alternative for you if you are more thinking about PR, not link structure. You may likewise wish to examine what the company can provide, as your requirements may not fit its profile. And, naturally, outsourcing is not an alternative if you put on’’ t have time to interact with a company or you have inadequate funds for such collaboration.

However, in basic, if you ask me now if outsourcing deserves it, I would state yes, however just if you are dedicated. Keep in mind, contracting out link structure to a firm shouldn’’ t be a one-time event. If you desire continuous outcomes, you require to dedicate to a long-lasting, close cooperation.

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