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What Is the YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP)?

Every now and then Google and YouTube supply us with a little insight into what they’’ re thinking. This little twinkle of hope reveals us that we, too, can have success on the platform with the ideal actions. The YouTube Measurement Program is among these little twinkles.

YTMP offers a clear list of all the authorized partners that YouTube advises we utilize in combination with the video platform. Software application for metrics, information management, influencer marketing Video, security, and #aeeee insights are all present on the list.

In this post, we’ll cover what YTMP is and see if it’s worth a much deeper appearance.

.What Is the YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP)?.

As online marketers, we invest a great deal of cash on measurement tools, marketing, analysis, and software application; however how can you make sure the tools you utilize supply the most precise and updated information?

Unfortunately, you can’’ t. When you hang around and cash developing material, purchasing advertisements, and submitting videos to YouTube, you wish to make certain the metrics and analytics you get are a real reflection of how well you carry out.

That’’ s why YouTube produced the YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP). It supplies relied on and authorized independent business suggested by YouTube. Now, when you’’ re selecting a brand-new tool or software application, you can pick from a range of business advised by YouTube.

.Why Is YTMP Important?.

It’’ s essential due to the fact that all the business have actually been personally vetted by YouTube, which implies they satisfy their requirements relating to service and requirements. It likewise suggests these business supply the most updated and precise info on your efficiency on YouTube.

Tools utilize various techniques to save, collect, and analyze information. We can’’ t trust everybody with our info, specifically when it relates to our company.

If you’’ re attempting to discover success on YouTube , you desire a relied on business with a performance history of tested success.

The YouTube Measurement Program looks after this for you by personally vetting all the business and using a YTMP accreditation. By partnering with these business, you’’ re setting yourself up for success.

.What About Other Service Providers?.

As we take a look at the authorized business, you’ll see it is a list, and there are lots, if not hundreds, of other services using comparable services.

Are all of these business offering a crappy service? Is their information unreliable? Do they all have a bad track record?

Let’’ s take 2 popular tools like VidIQ and TubeBuddy


Both assist you pick keywords, tags, compose descriptions, and develop concepts for material. They assist you to assess competitors and see what’’ s trending on YouTube.

But, they’’ re not part of the YouTube Measurement Program. Why is that?

It doesn’’ t always indicate’there ’ s something incorrect with these tools or that they ’ re going to take your info. It simply indicates they were unable to satisfy the program’s stringent requirements. Maybe they never ever even attempted to develop a contract with YouTube; we wear’’ t understand.


The bottom line is, it’’ s best to constantly opt for what the platform itself advises. If YouTube informs you that you must utilize a particular set of services, they are your finest contended success.

.YTMP Partners.

Let’’ s take a look at a few of the YouTube Measurement Program partners to see what sets them apart.

.Channel Factory.

This international innovation and information platform assists enhance video efficiency while increasing contextual viability and providing extremely targeted material to the best audience. Their flagship item, ViewIQ, examines every channel to guarantee that you’’ re just running your advertisements on videos that relate to your objectives.

How lots of times have you been on YouTube and had an advertisement appear that has definitely nothing to do with the material you’’ re seeing? If an advertisement for Budweiser is showing on a video meant for kids under 12, you’’ ve got an issue.


Channel Factory focuses on brand name viability and amplification. By guaranteeing your advertisements show to just the most appropriate audiences, you can magnify your brand name and produce a greater ROI.

. Essential Advertisement Science( IAS ).

IAS is the international leader in digital advertisement confirmation. They assist marketers and content developers get the insight and innovation required to safeguard themselves from scams.

The end objective is to assist develop a successful project by targeting the best audience, zeroing in on every impression, and guaranteeing your advertisements are shown where they should.

This sounds a lot like what Channel Factory does, however they have one main distinction.

IAS concentrates on ““ Quality Impressions.” ” They ’ ve even trademarked the expression.

This metric identifies what an impression actually implies. Basically, they validate the impressions YouTube states you get are eyeballs from genuine individuals who are prepared to purchase something, in the ideal environment, and appropriate geographical area.

Interesting …

Getting countless impressions on an advertisement doesn’’ t matter if your advertisement wasn’t shown to the ideal audience. Important Advertisement Science assists guarantee the impressions you get really make a distinction with your brand name.

.CreatorIQ. YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP) Partners - CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ assists discover influencers for recommendation and brand name offers. If you wish to utilize influencer marketing , CreatorIQ will assist you discover the right.

They have 5 main item offerings, Creator Core, Creator Connect, Creator Pay, Creator Boost, and Creator Hubs. I’’ ll break a few of them down.

Creator Core is a significant database of all the most popular influencers on YouTube. It even utilizes Google AI image acknowledgment to link you with the ideal individual and avoid scams.

Once you get in touch with an influencer and your material strikes the masses, you’’ ll likewise get reporting and analytics demonstrating how numerous posts you made, impressions, engagement, and overall reach.

Creator Connect enables you to construct a network of material developers so you can spread your reach in an encrypted and safe environment.

Creator Pay is a method for you to make and accept payments in an integrated and scalable method.

CreatorIQ is an all-in-one service for influencer marketing. If you’’ re trying to find a simple method to discover influencers securely, without needing to DM numerous developers, CreatorIQ looks like a fantastic option.

.How Do You Know If a Company Is Part of the YTMP?

There are 2 methods to discover this out. The very first method is to inspect the YouTube measurement program page. Here you’’ ll discover a list of all the business within each specific niche and a quick description of what they do and what sets them apart.

.If a tool is part of the program by looking at their site, #ppppp> You can likewise discover out.

The image above is from the footer on ChannelFactory.com. Every business that is confirmed by the YouTube Measurement Program will get this seal of approval. You can utilize this to assist figure out if you prepare to deal with this business or not.

.YTMP Certifications.

When it boils down to particular requirements, there are 3. To end up being YTMP confirmed, members should reveal the following:

.evidence of strong need in the marketproof of a effective and strong market track recordcontinued compliance with Google and YouTube policies

All the business you see on YouTube’’ s list fulfill these requirements. That makes discovering the ideal platform a lot easier.

.What Are the Vetting Standards for the YouTube Measurement Program?.

I discussed the 3 accreditations YouTube provides to their partners, however how do they get those accreditations? There is a rigorous vetting procedure to weed out less perfect tools. Here are the requirements all YTMP partners should follow.

Strong market need: YouTube anticipates its partners to have a particular level of need in the market. They desire the business they suggest to be popular and popular by their specific niche. This is normally a telltale indication that they’’ re offering first-class service.

Successful performance history: YouTube desires the very best partners with long-lasting performance history of success. Lots of business on the list have actually stayed in business for 10+ years, so the opportunities are they’’ re doing something right.

Policy compliance: We all understand that Google is severe about its policies and they anticipate marketers and developers to follow the guidelines. The very same chooses provider. YouTube will just suggest business with a tested performance history for following the standards .

Accurate and updated details: The objective of YTMP is to assist offer developers and marketers with just the most precise information. To enter into the program, provider require to show that their information lines up with YouTube. If they can do that, it’’ s a gold star for them.

Insightful and actionable metrics: YouTube wishes to guarantee that the information these company provide is actionable , informative, and has the possible to in fact make a distinction.

Security and security: Security and security are seriously essential which’’ s why YouTube needs all members to abide by appropriate information handling, file encryption , and other security procedures. You can rely on that if you select a YTMP partner that they’’ re effectively managing your personal details.

.What Does the YTMP Mean for Content Creators?.

This leaves us with one last idea, how can YTMP make a distinction in your organization?

YouTube, Google, Facebook , Instagram, and all these platforms are continuously attempting to find out brand-new methods to get marketers to pick them. How can this brand-new measurement program assist your business? Here are a couple of methods.

.1. Ensures Data Accuracy.

Probably the greatest plus is information precision. We utilize a lot of tools and honestly, they all inform us various things. If you’’ re in SEO, you most likely utilize SEMrush and Ahrefs ; however have you ever compared them? The information is entirely various, so who do we rely on?

The objective of the YTMP is to offer the most precise information throughout the board so you get a direct representation of how your cash is being invested.

.2. Easy Competition Analysis.

YouTube lays everything out and reveals you each business that they partner with. Since you can compare them quickly without having to arbitrarily crawl the SERPs looking to resolve your issues, this makes it much simpler to pick a service.

It’s a lot like strolling down the cereal aisle in the supermarket. You have a far better possibility of enjoying your cereal when you’’ re picking in between the 5 finest on the planet versus 100 random type of cereal.

.3. Match With The Right Company.

Companies are altering the method they offer services and trying to supply more of an in-store experience. When you choose a vetted partner you’’ re making sure that you get a business that lines up with your goals and objectives.

.4. Trust, Safety, and Security.

Last however definitely not least, security and security are whatever. We have lots of information, and if the incorrect individual gets gain access to it might trigger big issues. Understanding how business manage your info is so essential, and the YTMP guarantees you’’ re just trusting your important information with business that understand how to manage it appropriately.


Do you believe the YouTube Measurement Partner Program could make a distinction with your material production? You are far more most likely to discover a strong tool that serves your requirements. If you require extra aid these tools do not offer, we can assist .

Remember that in the video game of marketing, YouTube and Google in some cases provide us a little glance into how they work and what we can do to be successful. That is precisely what YTMP does. They’’ re informing you that these business may offer you a little benefit.

Do you utilize any of the business on the YouTube Measurement Program authorized list? If so, let us understand which one in the remarks and what your experience is/was?

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