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The Top 10 Growing Social Media Platforms for Businesses to Use to Grow

There are a great deal of social networks out there. We’’ re long past the days where a couple of huge names ruled the nest. Yes, obviously, there are still some huge names in business —– we’’ re taking a look at you, the book —– however individuals of any ages are spreading their time out in between several locations.

It most likely won’’ t come as any surprise, however throughout all the downtime with COVID, 72 percent of individuals report increasing their social networks usage. We are online now more than ever.

It suggests that organizations have an extraordinary chance to communicate and engage with consumers throughout much of those platforms. Which ones are the most crucial? Which platforms should companies have an existence on?

.10 Social Media Marketing Channels You Need to Use.

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.1. LinkedIn.

When it pertains to B2B there is no equivalent, LinkedIn is the very best network for it. From releasing routine material to developing list building pages, there are a lot of methods to engage and engage with other organizations and other specialists. What’’ s more, Microsoft just recently reported LinkedIn income saw a 21 percent increase , which implies there are more users on the platform than ever.

.2. Facebook.

If there’’ s just one network you purchase, let it be Facebook. From neighborhood groups and company pages to targeted advertisements, the social giant has a lot to provide. Plus, Facebook has approximately 2.85 billion regular monthly active users since 2021. B2B brand names will feel right at house with alternatives to look for customers, engage with them, and more.

.3. Instagram.

Another powerhouse, Instagram has 1.2 billion regular monthly active users , much of which are more youthful generations avoiding Facebook. The platform is constantly including brand-new functions, and it’’ s a fantastic location to discover influencers too.

What’’ s more, Twitter utilized to be the main platform for customer care, however Instagram’’ s brand-new messenger API permits brand names to engage with consumers through live chat , response concerns, discover items, and far more.

.4. SlideShare.

About 19 percent of B2B online marketers usage SlideShare for material marketing methods, which number continues to grow. The platform is likewise owned by LinkedIn, that makes a great deal of sense.

You can utilize the service to share infographics, files, discussions, videos, and all way of reports. It’’ s a professional-oriented service where users come together to share understanding and experience.

.5. Twitter.

While Twitter isn’’ t always the very best platform for marketing, as many tweets have a brief life-span, it’’ s an exceptional platform for customer care. Lots of clients utilize Twitter as a significant point of contact with services. An approximated 67 percent of customers usage social networks networks, like Twitter, to look for resolution for problems they’’ re having.

.6. YouTube.

Admittedly, attempting to browse YouTube’’ s remarks area under each video is, well, it’’ s bothering. It shouldn’’ t come as’a surprise that it ’ s one of the biggest search engines given that it ’ s from Google. If you desire direct exposure’for your brand name or items, it ’ s an outstanding location to’be, and a strong method is to get other YouTubers speaking about your brand name.

. 7. Medium.

Medium is an outstanding location to release loads of material , like item or news updates, editorials, believed management pieces, and far more. You ought to still have a business site and blog site, as a Medium account is no alternative, however it’’ s a silver lining hustle to have.

.8. TikTok.

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The reasonably brand-new experience in the social video game is TikTik, with over 700 million regular monthly active users worldwide. It ’ s growing in appeal too and is a preferred among more youthful social networks users. The format is a bit various than other networks, as it includes making fast videos, however they can be a great deal of enjoyable and financially rewarding if you do it best .

. 9. Reddit.

Reddit is an unusual platform to utilize and will take a while to discover. Many subreddits wear ’ t permit advertising or marketing material unless it ’ s a devoted neighborhood for your brand name or items.


That stated, it ’ s a reputable neighborhood where you can genuinely engage with clients through holistic discussions. You can use customer support, response concerns, host AMAs( ask me anything), and a lot more.

. 10. WeChat.

It was initially simply a messenger-style application, however that ’ s altered in the last few years, so wear ’ t provide WeChat a pass. It ’ s a lot like Facebook because it ’ s a thorough social media with numerous methods to interact, cool little functions– like the time pill tool — and a lot more.

. Is Social Media a Good Strategy for B2B?

If you listen to the incorrect individuals, you ’ ll go on believing that social networks marketing is not a practical method for B2B brand names and companies. That ’ s simply not real.


Although you ’ re engaging with other brand names, you ’ re still offering an item or service to individuals. Like with any company or brand name, you require to get your name out there, in the news, and in front of possible purchasers.


That ’ s where social networks enters into play. It enables you to start conversations focused around yourbrand name and items. Most significantly, it assists you develop awareness about your business and discover brand-new customers.


While we wear ’ t suggest using yourself thin by attempting to take part on all of the social media networks noted above, a couple of must absolutely belong of your marketing technique.

. How to Successfully Market B2B on Social Media.

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Each platform is various, so there ’ s no catch-all response. You will need to develop a special method depending upon the platform youpick. Your marketing on LinkedIn is’going to look extremely various from your marketing on SlideShare.


The primary step is comprehending the platform you ’ re signing up with, what type of material and engagements it requires, and developing a technique around those concepts. It ’ s best to pick the platform where your greatest audience or clients are.


It ’ s likewise a great concept to get your staff members included, sharing,’and developing, too, specifically on a platform like Facebook or Twitter. The moreindividuals who’are speaking about your brand name and items, the much better.

. How to Create a B2B Social Marketing Strategy.

Understanding what social networks platforms are best and how to take advantage of them is simply the start. You likewise require to understand how to create a marketing method. Here ’ s an easy breakdown:

. Recognize your objectives and what you wish to accomplish. Research study your target market. Select the very best social networks platform for your brand name. Produce a brand name personality,consisting of material viewpoints and a marketing voice. Develop social networks group functionsand designate channels. Compose the method. Perform.Go out There and Socialize.

You understand the networks, you understand why, and you understand how,all that ’ s left is to go out there and put your strategy into action.As more andmore B2B business recognize thelarge capacity of social platforms, we ’ re going to begin seeing numerous success stories– more than we’currently have .


The objective is to construct an existence and make connection with your audience and possible consumers, however you need to do that by engaging with the ideal material and social interactions for the platform. Develop a special social technique for each platform. The message and material can be comparable, however they need to match the typical interests of the network, be it brief videos, post, memes, or something else completely.


When you perform this efficiently, you can begin creating certified results in assist strike your development objectives.



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