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Take the COVID-19 Local Search Marketing Business Impact Survey

Posted by MiriamEllis

The poet Burns as soon as observed that the very best laid strategies ““ gang aft agley. ” At Moz, we will release our State of Local SEO market report, based upon our regional search marketing study to which numerous you kindly responded. The public health emergency situation suddenly developed, and we chose to stop briefly in our preparation.

The findings of the study, as they presently stand, consist of unexpected and important insights which are as appropriate today as they were pre-COVID-19. In order to show the considerable modifications the regional company neighborhood is presently weathering, we are reaching out to you with a prompt extra demand.

If you market regional services in any capability, whether internal or for a company, please take our fast, additional six-question study. Your responses will assist everybody determine the effects of the previous couple of weeks on our market, and ideally assist in preparing for the future. We would be so grateful for simply a couple of minutes of your time to be sure the last report shows the complete photo of regional organisation marketing.

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Thank you for your time, and please understand that everyone at Moz are wanting your regional services and firms well!

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