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(REVEALED) Real Data from Actual Facebook Messenger Marketing Campaigns


In this post, I’’ m going to reveal you never-before-revealed information from a few of my current Facebook Messenger marketing projects .

I’’ m sharing these behind-the-scenes Messenger analytics (versus my much better judgement …-RRB- for 2 primary factors:

.Credibility: Seeing is thinking. You’’ ve heard the buzz about chatbots. I wish to draw back the drape so you can figure out, based upon genuine information, whether the buzz is should have.Inspiration: I wish to reveal you that you can get comparable outcomes by using particular marketing techniques.Similar analysis: If you’’ re currently utilizing chatbots and Facebook Messenger marketing, you’’ ll have the ability to evaluate whether your outcomes remain in the variety of normal results.

I’’ ll not just reveal you the numbers I accomplished, however likewise precisely how I accomplished them. By reverse-engineering the procedure, you can get comparable levels of marketing success.

.Study Sent by means of Facebook Messenger: 52% open rate and 15% reaction rate.

In this marketing project, I sent out a study to a group of contacts (12,680 of them).

The study was called ““ What ’ s Your Bot Level ” in which I attempted to assess how familiar my audience was with chatbot marketing.

It started with a fast concern, ““ I ’ m a chatbot marketing … ” and after that you would complete the blank with your experience level—– fan, pro, or newbie, essentially.

 Example of messenger study

Here are the outcomes that I got after sending out that specific study:

.The study was provided to 10,689 contacts.52% or 5,639 of the contacts opened the study.2% or 1,733 of the contacts reacted, i.e. responded to concerns, on the study.

 Results from a Facebook Messenger study

Here’’ s a more in-depth breakdown of the project.( Names have actually been blurred for personal privacy factors.)

 in-depth breakdown of Facebook Messenger study project

Why am I revealing you this specific project?

After all, a great deal of my projects have 75% action rates and greater!

 Response rate for Facebook Messenger study project

This study was just 52%. Why extol a relatively ho-hum open rate?

Here’’ s why I ’ m revealing you average outcomes:

. These outcomes, though average by chatbot marketing requirements, are way greater than what you’’d obtain from an e-mail marketing project. See chart listed below for a breakdown of the analytics.It’’ s a study. Studies are infamously tough to get individuals to react to.It was sent out to over 10,000 participants. That indicates over 5,000 individuals read my study, and 1,733 reacted to it. These are substantial numbers.

Let’’ s draw a contrast in between this study project (sent out through Messenger) and a comparable study that we sent out through e-mail.

 Comparison of e-mail vs Facebook Messenger

The study sent out through Messenger had a 5,303% greater engagement than the one sent out by means of e-mail.

Besides, studies are indispensable for marketing groups.

What if you could get more than 16% of your subscriber list to react to a study? How would this notify your marketing, engage­ ­ your users, or empower your sales group?

This is the power of Messenger chatbot marketing.

To produce a chatbot study, you’’ ll requirement to utilize a chatbot contractor,( MobileMonkey is an excellent alternative, and what I utilize). You merely develop a discussion—– concerns, followed by responses, followed by another concern, and so on

Most MobileMonkey users take a study design template and personalize it to their particular requirements.

 Example of a Facebook Messenger project

You can likewise develop studies from scratch utilizing the MobileMonkey bot contractor.

You’’ re most likely aware that a study isn ’ t simply for information-gathering functions. A study is likewise an effective engagement tool, engaging your users to act.


Here are some suggestions for an effective Facebook Messenger chatbot study:

. Make it simple for individuals to react.Several option concerns in which they tap responses are best. Make the study short.Individuals bail from long studies. Make it apparent what the study has to do with. Confusion causes rejection. Facebook Messenger Drip Campaign: 81% Read Rate and 14 %Response Rate.

Drip projectsare the support of e-mail marketing.


Done right, a tactical drip project can support a mate of e-mail marketing causes some conversion action.


And think what. It takesdays.


Chatbot marketing has actually taken drip project success rates to an entire brand-new level, like the one I’’ m sharing with you here.


What e-mail online marketer in the last 15 years has seen outcomes like these?

.81% of the receivers check out or opened the drip project.14% of the receivers reacted to the drip project.

 Results from a Facebook Messenger project

Why am I revealing you this one?

Because it’’ s a little sample size. Not everybody who’’ s reading this is dealing with audiences of 31,000+ participants, as we in some cases do. If you’’ re simply beginning with Facebook Messenger marketing, your audience size might remain in the couple of hundreds, not the 10s of thousands.

 More arise from a Facebook Messenger project

While there are times that it’’ s appropriate to send out a message to’a big list, it ’ s far more tactical to specify little audience sections for efficient hypertargeting.

The example I’’ m revealing you above is such a section—– an associate of contacts that share specific engagement attributes.

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.Since 90% of these participants took action within the very first 60 minutes of getting the chatbot series, #ppppp> I likewise reveal it to you.

Chatbots turbocharge drip projects. Rather of waiting a duration of days to send out the next message, you require just wait minutes. When you’’ re able to speed up the procedure, you can close conversions much quicker and with a greater success rate.

Creating a drip project in the MobileMonkey chatbot home builder is a basic drag-and-drop procedure. You’’ ll develop the discussions, and’then you ’ ll arrange them in the Drip Campaign home builder.


 Facebook Messenger drip project home builder from Mobile Monkey

As the effectiveness of e-mail marketing fades, I desire online marketers to believe in drip projects—– however not email drip projects.

Facebook Messenger drip projects powered by chatbots live and well, and scoring 80% open rates simple minutes after releasing.

.Facebook Messenger Data: Cumulative Metrics.

The last set of information I wish to reveal you isn’’ t from a particular Messenger project. Rather, it ’ s drawn from the cumulative marketing projects that I’’ ve been carrying out utilizing MobileMonkey and Facebook Messenger.

As a preamble to the real information, let me inform you yet once again why I’’ m sharing these particular numbers with you.


The most essential factor is this—– it’’ s information. Information is supreme. Performing upon information is the just reliable method to make educated marketing choices. If you understand and comprehend your information , you can change your marketing appropriately.

When opening any brand-new marketing channel, it is important to have a sense of the numbers—– the number of, how quick, who, why, and when.

Here are a few of those numbers.

This metric reveals the overall variety of contacts obtained in Messenger gradually (the date variety is, naturally, adjustable).

 Total variety of contacts from Facebook Messenger

Let’’ s compare this with e-mail. One Messenger contact is the equivalent of anywhere from 20 to 100 e-mails in regards to the engagement driven. Therefore, a Messenger contact list of this size gets the very same engagement levels that you would get out of a 400,000-person e-mail list.

This number—– overall contacts in Messenger—– is the assisting light for the emerging class of chatbot online marketers.

Whereas conventional online marketers put effort and energy into generating e-mail leads, today’’ s Facebook Messenger online marketers determine their success by the variety of Messenger contacts.

With e-mail marketing, the contacts include, well, an e-mail address—– barely anything else.

With Messenger marketing, the information on each contact is much richer, resulting in incredibly reliable division, retargeting, and project improvement.

Every contact enters into a contact list that is arranged, searchable, and can even be exported immediately to any other service apps, CRMs, databases, and so on

 Contacts and audience insights from a Facebook Messenger project

For each contact that signs up for your Messenger contact list, you have automated exposure on the following info:

.Profile image.Name.Surname.Distinct ID.Gender.Nation.Time zone.Date and time developed.Time of last activity.

 Details of a consumer profiled from Mobile Monkey

You can produce an unlimited variety of qualities and tags that will assist to additional fine-tune your contacts based upon your own choices and specifications.

 You can produce customized audiences based upon the information you receive from profiled clients on Facebook Messenger

Another useful information point is the rate of acquisition.

The chart listed below suggests the variety of brand-new contacts each day. It’’ s valuable for evaluating patterns, particular project efficiency, and total patterns.

 Number of brand-new contacts discovered through Facebook Messenger each day

Knowing the overall variety of sessions created by chatbots is another important number for determining chatbot marketing success. This chart reveals the overall variety of sessions (orange) outlined with the variety of special sessions (purple).

 Number of sessions can typically mirror the variety of distinct sessions, as displayed in this chart

These are simply a few of the numerous metrics offered within MobileMonkey’’ s bot analytics.


To get a rounded view of my information, I typically have a look at any paid entry indicate my Messenger contact list, which is generally click-to-messenger advertisements . Doing so assists me comprehend the expenses related to Messenger list structure.

For example, here’’ s a glimpse at a current Messenger advertising campaign. Here’’ s a fast rundown of the significant information points:

.Project period: 5 days.Overall quantity invested: $12.36.Overall impressions: 1,373.Outcomes: 158.Expense per outcome: $0.08.

 Cost of a current Facebook Messenger project

Each of the number sets talked about above is necessary for the function they play in refining and establishing my Messenger marketing method.

.Information from Facebook Messenger Campaigns: Your Turn.

We’’ re in the infancy of Messenger chatbot marketing.

Sure, it’’ s an amazing field and a great deal of online marketers are leaping in, however there is no performance history of individuals sharing information or metrical insights into the success of their chatbot marketing efforts.

That’’ s yet another reason that I selected to share this info with you.

The deficiency of information might lead online marketers to conclude that 1) chatbot marketing isn’’ t efficient and/or 2) all these online marketers are lying about their 70% open rates.

I hope these couple of information points will supply a glance of credibility to remove away the veneer of buzz that masks the chatbot marketing world.

None of the information I showed you is anomalous. None of it is astonishing. And all of it is genuine.

Now it’’ s your turn.

Using chatbot marketing, what type of outcomes do you believe you can attain?

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