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Leveraging Your Uniqueness to Grow Your Personal Brand

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An old-world form of parenting was to teach the child to be seen and not heard. Although this philosophy is being phased out with new generations of parents and advancing technology, the effects and beliefs are still impacting the people of today. Young adults and Millenials are afraid to express their opinions or show off their talent. Afraid to market themselves because they would be seen as “narcissistic” by family and friends.

This lack of effort is not caused by a lack of ambition, but rather a fear of criticism.

I’ll be the first to admit, taking the steps towards becoming well known and successful is daunting, but I will also state that it’s necessary if one ever wants to live life for themselves, let alone on their own terms.

You have to cut off the thought of opinions and focus on yourself. Start to focus on your own goals and your vision. Why do you think my podcast is called Chase the Vision with Isaac Mashman?

I am not saying you have to be the next Dwayne Johnson or Warren Buffett or have the desire to be as such, but no matter the dream or field you should always be holding yourself as the go-to person who is proud of his or her passions. Who isn’t afraid to tell a stranger about their business instead of their 9-to-5. About their new album, and not their second job.

There are more than 3 billion people on social media in 2020, and estimates push 4 billion by 2025. That’s a whole lot of people, and you are but one. Do not be discouraged by this, but I wanted to include this statistic to emphasize the importance of standing out. You have a whole lot of noise to breakthrough. A lot of attention to fight for and you can. This is what I have been working on doing, and this is the very reason why you’re reading this today. I broke through to you.

Three years ago when I started building my personal brand, the only thing that popped up were random Mashmans on Ancestry.com, none of whom I was even related to. I’ve been building myself up since then, to where I have a strengthening presence both on and offline with the people around me. Now there is a level of trust that comes from my name. It’s literally my resume, not a piece of paper.

I’ve done it in such a way where I consciously do everything in my power to distance myself from the stereotypes online, while also highlighting my personality. I am the only Isaac Mashman just like you are the ONLY YOU. I can be abrasive at times. I drink a ton of coffee. I love underground music. I am full of energy on camera. I tell it how it is. I have a special sense of humor.

Who you are is your best asset and it’s time you start taking pride in your uniqueness.

Everyone wants to talk about specific strategies, and “niche marketing” and yes, that is important, but in the process most forget to tell you that your mindset comes first. You can’t talk strategies if you can’t talk to your friend about what you’re doing behind the scenes.

If you can showcase your personality while showcasing your expertise (or talent) simultaneously you’ll be well on your way towards having a strong personal brand. A following of people who follow you for who you are, and not just what you can offer them. Imagine having a following of people who only follow you for your specific skills in a field. What if that field became obsolete and your skills rendered useless in the marketplace? Do you really think everyone will still be paying close attention to you? Now if you established a name for yourself, and almost a “cult-like” following, those people will follow you forever.

Your personality gives others more layers to connect with you on. Do you love the beach? Do you have kids? Do you drink a ton of coffee? Do you have a specific way of speaking? Are you goofy and fun to be around?

You’re finding common ground outside of business and work, displaying traits that can be appreciated by others.

The most well-known people of our time are known for who they are, not what they do.

That’s why their names hold weight. Michael Jordan could never go broke because he could sign a box of tissues and sell it for $30,000 on eBay.

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Jeff Bezos could get a million-dollar loan just because he is Jeff Bezos.

Ariana Grande automatically goes platinum because she’s Ariana Grande.

Let’s say you break through the noise yourself. What are the benefits?

Here are a few broad examples:

– More exposure means you have the opportunity to sell more people on your products or services.

– The credibility you have built makes it easier to sell. This is Social Equity Leverage.

– You increase the quality of people who want to be associated with you.

– More opportunities will come to you simply for being you. You’re in demand.

– People will want to be around you (this isn’t always a good thing mind you).

Based on your personal aspirations, the list is much longer and can be more specific. Regardless, the benefits are great.

So I must ask, are you standing out or are you being forgotten?

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