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How to Use Transcription Services to Repurpose Your Content

Keeping your audience engaged with your material is a full-time task in itself. You need to continuously assess your present material’’ s engagement metrics while likewise expecting the requirements of your growing audience.

With this in mind, brand-new and upgraded material is important to any effective digital online marketer’’ s technique. How can you produce brand-new material without investing more time than you have offered? With transcription services.

In this guide, I’’ ll describe what transcription services are and what they can do for digital online marketers. This will consist of a take a look at one specific usage case—– repurposing material—– to offer you a concept of simply how important these services can be.

.What Are Transcription Services?

Transcription services are service services that transcribe audio to text. The audio is frequently pre-recorded and is then moved to transcription specialists, who are trained in shorthand. They have the ability to rapidly and properly transcribe audio from various sources.

You likewise have the alternative of AI-powered transcription tools, such as Otter and Rev . These services integrate AI with experienced experts to provide a first-class experience.

From videos and podcasts to workshops and live speeches, a transcription service can assist you to maintain your audio in text format. This can later on be utilized for referral or, as I’’ ll overview listed below, as a method to repurpose your marketing material.

.When are Transcription Services Used.

Transcription services are frequently utilized by doctors, researchers, scientists, and other technical specialists. Their spoken notes are transcribed into composed notes and reports that can be utilized for recommendation or recordkeeping.

When you consider transcription, you might likewise consider court procedures and authorities examinations. These, too, are utilized for recordkeeping (frequently public record) and as a method to make the procedures available to all.

However, transcription can provide excellent advantages to digital online marketers, too. Among the most reliable methods to utilize transcription is to repurpose conten t and produce high-value material in numerous formats.

.5 Ways to Use Transcription Services to Repurpose Your Content.

There are a lot of advantages transcription services can offer to digital online marketers, and repurposing of material is simply one. Here are 5 methods you can utilize transcription to skillfully repurpose your material.

.1. Turn a Video Into a Blog Post.

Whether a recognized or brand-new digital online marketer, I can securely presume you never ever feel as if you’’ re striking your weekly or regular monthly article targets. By transcribing your videos into post, you can get that much closer to reaching your objective.

How lots of posts should you release a week? According to HubSpot , the sweet area can be anywhere from one post to 5 posts weekly.

However, this will depend upon the size of your site and what you wish to attain. For a little site with an objective of taking full advantage of natural traffic, for instance, 3 to 4 brand-new posts weekly is advised.

Another advantage of turning videos into article is ease of access . While lots of digital media platforms use closed captioning, they aren’’ t constantly the perfect method to absorb material. By turning videos into article, you can guarantee all of your traffic has access to your material in several methods.

Of course, you ought to intend to bulk up these post in manner ins which benefit the readers. These consist of utilizing visuals (e.g., images, infographics, charts) and including more thorough examples.

The transcription need to act as a beginning indicate developing appealing, important post.

.2. Turn a Podcast Into a Video or Blog Post.

You wear’’ t requirement to surrender multimedia content totally! You can ““ upgrade ” your podcast to a video utilizing transcription services. Simply include some visuals and you can now share to digital media platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.


The biggest advantage here is the capability to reach a larger audience. While there is definitely crossover in between podcast listeners and video watchers, there are some individuals who stick strictly to one format. By turning your podcast into a video( or vice versa), you open your material as much as an entire brand-new audience.

. When it comes to including visuals to your videos, #ppppp> You have a couple of alternatives here.The most basic is utilizing one image( possibly a strong background with your brand name and site URL) throughout the whole of the video. This isn ’ t attractive, however it will allow you to include your material to websites like YouTube.


For more attractive visuals, you can likewise attempt stock images, digital images, or perhaps b-roll.


How can you guarantee the visuals you utilize are attractive and proper to your audience? BrowseYouTube for comparable material keywords to see what kinds of videos your target market is presently engaging with. This can guarantee you are on the ideal track, while likewise offering you concepts on how to enhance your material over the present offerings.


Or, you can turn your podcast into an article.


For example, Content Marketing Institute’s JoePulizzi hosts a podcast, then turns the records intoa comprehensive post . This enables users who do not have time to listen to still access their material.


. 3. Produce a List-Building PDF.

Do you have a video or podcast episode that would makefantastic list-building material? Think about employing a transcriptionist to turn that material into text.


List-building material, likewise referred to as lead magnets, are a fantastic method to develop your e-mail membership list.It is a deal of totally free material in exchange for an e-mail address. It is not as simple to bring in individuals to your list-building material as it was prior to everybody had a site. Your material should be genuinely engaging and high-quality.


There are a lot of lead magnet formats to select from, consisting of:

. checklistscheat sheetse-booksinfographicscase studieswhite documents.

Using a special angle, you can utilize the above formats to draw in a targetedaudience. With such a selection of content types, it ’ s likely you havea video or podcast episode that can quickly be changed into among the above.

. 4. Develop a Resource for Social Media’Content.

There ’ s bound to be a Tweet-worthy quote or more from your most current podcast episode. Rather of scrubbing and replaying the episode through it, turn the’episode into a records. This will make it extremely simple to discover social networks material to share.


Without the requirement to search your audio, you can now invest that time developing appealing visuals utilizing platforms like Canva or Adobe Spark . These services enable you to develop the perfect visuals for each social networks platform, and they even consist of design templates to get you began.

. If your episode consists of more than one individual, #ppppp> Do keep in mind the expense of transcription services might increase. This can require time and ability to browse. On the otherhand, the included advantage of transcribing multi-guest material is that several speakers can include rejuvenating insight to your social networks pages, specifically if the visitor has their own social profile to engage with your audience.

. 5. Produce an E-Course.

If you wish to develop a substantive course, then think about integrating numerous videos or podcast episodes on a comparable subject. The resulting e-course can then be used as a lead magnetand even a paid course.


With platforms like Kajabi and Thinkific, you can host your online course with ease. How can youmake sure the course you produce pays? The actions to producing an effective online course consist of:

. Picking a fail-proof, high-demand subject .Developing engaging course objectives.Structuring your course modules effectively.Choosing a platform to host the course. Marketing your course tactically .

As a paid course, the material needs to be of extraordinary quality and it ought to go extensive. Transcriptions of your previous material will be useful to develop an overview, however you ought to actually digdeep and construct out the material as finest you can.


Before you use a transcriptionist, take unique care to choose your finest audio and video episodes for transcription. These will form the basis of your course, however they ’ ll naturally require to be expanded with moreexamples, images, and more.

. Transcription Services Frequently Asked Questions.

Transcription is indispensable to digital online marketers, however maybe you still have a couple of concerns. Let ’ s review them.

. Just how much does it cost to get a transcription of your material?

The expense to transcribe your material will differ.Think about that transcriptionists have different methods of charging for their work( e.g., per hour, by job) and rates will differ by experience level, area, and more.

. The length of time does it require to transcribe audio?

Just as with expense, the length of time it requires to transcribe your audio will differ. The market requirement is 2 to 3 hours per one hour of audio . That presumes the audio quality is clear with little to no background sound.

. Do transcribers utilize software application?

Even expert transcriptionists count on software application to guarantee performance and precision. With tools like Amberscript and Happy Scribe , you( or your editors) can work together with your transcriptionist in real-time. This makes sure a smooth transcription experience.

. Are transcription services precise?

As with the majority of services, you get what you spend for. The exact same can be stated for transcription software application tools. The more knowledgeable your transcriptionist (or advanced the software application you utilize), the more precise the transcriptions are most likely to be.

. schema.org”,.” @type”:” FAQPage”,.” mainEntity”: [, , “@type”:” Question “,.” name”:” Do transcribers utilize software application?”,. “acceptedAnswer”: ” @type”:” Answer”,.” text “: “.

Even expert transcriptionists count on software application to make sure effectiveness and precision. With tools like Amberscript and Happy Scribe , you( or your editors) can work together with your transcriptionist in real-time. This guarantees a smooth transcription experience.

.”., ” @type”:” Question “,.” name”: “Are transcription services precise? “,.” acceptedAnswer”: ” @type”:” Answer”,.” text”:”.

As with the majority of services, you get what you spend for. The very same can be stated for transcription software application tools.The more knowledgeable your transcriptionist( or advanced the software application you utilize ), the more precise the transcriptions are most likely to be.

.”.] Repurposing Transcriptions for Content Conclusion.

Your audience longs for brand-new and upgraded material regularly. While this can appear a complicated job, audio transcription services can use an option.


With transcription, you canturn your audio material into text. This text can then be repurposed into other kinds of material, consisting of post, social networks material, and online courses. Transcribed material can assist you to please the requirements of your growing traffic numbers, while likewise supplying available material so regarding reach a larger audience .


Depending on the quality of the services you utilize, you might not even require to invest much time modifying the transcription. This will conserve you countless time while likewise broadening your reach as a digital online marketer.


Which of the above material formats will you change your audio material into?


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