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How to Use Quora to Power Up Your Lead Generation

Any business, big or small survives on leads. Leads are like the heart of your business.

Without leads, there would be no conversion. And without conversion, there will not be any revenue. And without revenue, your business will eventually die.

However, lead generation is one of the toughest parts of the business. Achieving leads through SEO is a long and tedious process, social media shows varied results, and paid campaigns get expensive fast.

So, what is the best option for lead generation?

Well, given the huge reach of Quora (472 million active monthly users, as of September 2020), it can be your best lead-generation hack.

What is Quora?

Search anything on Google and the chances are that one or more links displayed on the first page of Google search are from Quora. Such is its reach and spread.

Quora is a fantastic combination of a social media platform with a question-answer site. Simple, isn’t it?

Only that it is not.

It offers lots of features that make it super-addicting.

It provides a never-ending list of questions and answers on any and every kind of topic in the world.

Just like Twitter, you can follow other writers and get notified when they post something new.

Just like Facebook you can upvote (like) content you like and can message people you want to interact with.

It is like a combination of good features of multiple websites but with its individuality. The fact that an average user spends 4.08 minutes on Quora every day makes it one of the most engaging websites, effective for lead generation.

Even, if you use Quora in your marketing strategy, you’ll see a boost in your results and revenue.

You can ask a question that you would like others to answer or you can post questions you are looking for an answer to. However, if you are looking for lead generation, you will write more answers than asking questions.

When you write answers, it allows you an opportunity to interact with your customers. Most importantly, you get an opportunity to solve a problem the customer is facing and tell customers how your product helps do so.

Already realizing why it is a great platform to generate leads? Well, communication with customers is just one reason. Let us have a look at other reasons why you should use Quora for lead generation

What Makes Quora a Good Option for Generating Leads?

It is extremely easy to sell a product to somebody who wishes to buy. And that exactly is the point that differentiates Quora from another platform.

Here, you are interacting with customers in a place where they are asking questions.

When you mention your product in an answer on Quora, you are selling to somebody who has expressed his/her desire to get help.

This means leads here are warm leads who are more likely to take action. Rather than random internet surfers who have expressed no interest in your product, a Quora user has a higher possibility of clicking the link or reaching out to you.

The second factor is that the QA platform lets you insert links to your website or blogs. This gives your website an important backlink from a credible source thereby improving its SEO.

Also, you can have a look at how some experts achieve success on Quora.

Powerful Ingredients to Generate Leads on Quora

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To use Quora to its potential, here are a few tips you must follow:

Optimize Your Profile

Which answer would you trust more? A physics-related answer from someone whose profile has credentials as ‘Ph.D. in Physics’ or someone with credentials saying ‘loves traveling’. Naturally, the former.

Because credentials matter! The credentials that you add to your profile demonstrate your qualifications for answering questions.

Therefore, it is important to add relevant skills (expertise) that will help to make your profile a little more legit

Use Quora profile components such as education, work experience, and special qualities to add as much information about your business as possible.

Extend Your B2B Network

If you are into the B2B business, you will want to connect with other businesses and network with them. Next to LinkedIn, Quora has the highest number of professionals and as high as 37% of Quora users are in decision-making roles in companies. This makes it an opportunity for B2B marketers.

The “Spaces” feature is a great option to connect your business among interested users. Spaces are groups that users join to find and share information they are interested in. Which means, these are groups that are likely to be rich in warm leads.

You can engage with other users by upvoting, commenting on, and sharing posts made by them. By doing this you are making business owners and users familiar with your name and also adding value to your profile.

When commenting and engaging with readers provide valuable insights and put across your point in an interesting manner. Do not over-promote your product/services everywhere as it may lead to profile-blocking by users. When you add value and subtly pitch your product, people are more likely to remember it and hire you for your services when an opportunity arises.

Engage with the Audience by Answering Industry-Specific Questions

Every service or product offers a solution to some problem and to make a sale, you need to find users/businesses who are facing that problem.

However, when it comes to Quora, you do not have to put in a lot of effort finding who is facing those problems. As of today, more than 400,000 topics are being discussed here.

By doing a quick search on Quora (search bar is located at the top right) using general keywords related to your services and problems, you can find questions your potential clients might be asking.

You can go through questions and answer those where you can add some value and offer your services without being too pushy.

The key is to consistently add answers in multiple spaces. When you have a good number of answers in the same niche, Quora also gives you a ‘top writer’ tag that further adds to your credibility.

People who are experiencing the same problems will find your answers and if it is good enough, chances are that it will appear on the first page of Google search as well.

Take Conversation a Step Ahead

While answering questions and writing comments on other users’ answers are good for engagement, to convert it into a lead, you may need to take a step ahead i.e. reach out to prospects through personal messages. Also, add your digital signature at the end of your message to enhance authority and build trust.

When messaging somebody, do not start by selling straight away. Try to drive a conversation and discuss more the problem at hand. And then, bring in about the product naturally. Let them know how their problem can be solved with the product/services you are offering.

Spend some time learning about the prospect and bring something they have posted about in the conversation to break the ice.

Once the prospects trust your expertise, you can ask them for their email id and send them valuable insights to create an email personalization.

Improve Your SEO

Backlinks are very important for your website SEO. When you post a link to your website or blog on Quora, it not only brings in traffic but also gives your website a valuable backlink.

Also, Quora is a source of long-term traffic. Unlike blog posts that eventually get old, people keep adding answers to the same question and that question keeps appearing in the feeds of users regularly thus bringing in consistent traffic to your blog.

Also, as more and more people share your answers on another medium, it can drive traffic as well as improve your website ranking.


Quora is a wonderful and affordable medium to generate leads. It allows you to communicate with potential clients and provides a solution to their problems. You have the power to make a meaningful connection through the platform.

Whether you are using one or all of the approaches mentioned above, you will surely gain powerful leads for your business.

As digital marketing gets tougher and expensive, take advantage of the free lead generation opportunities on Quora to get leads, increase visibility, and grow your business network.

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