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How to Use Amazon Attribution For Ad Campaigns

Every Amazon seller understands how tough it is to determine the effect and track of external marketing channels on sales. It doesn’’ t matter how you are driving clicks to your Amazon page; once customers arrive on the site, it’’ s anybody ’ s think what occurs.


Thankfully, that’’ s not the case any longer. Amazon Attribution makes it possible for particular sellers to track what takes place to every user they send out to the platform. In this post, I’’ ll discuss whatever you require to understand about Amazon Attribution, consisting of:

.who can utilize Amazon Attributionthe advantages of utilizing Amazon Attributionhow to establish Amazon Attributionwhat you can track utilizing Amazon Attribution.What Is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a brand-new tool that guarantees to grow your Amazon service by enhancing experiences far from the Amazon platform.

Specifically, the tool offers analytics insight into how non-Amazon marketing channels like search, social networks, display screen, PPC, and e-mail marketing effect sales on Amazon. It can likewise track traffic sent out to a various site that eventually transforms on Amazon.

Access to Amazon Attribution is readily available through either the platform’’ s self-service console or through tools that currently incorporate with the Amazon Advertising API.

.What Does Amazon Attribution Cost?

Amazon Attribution is presently readily available free of charge, which is terrific news for e-commerce owners.

.Who Can Use Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is presently just offered to sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry and Vendors in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. That might alter in the future, so keep your eyes peeled if you remain in other places.

.What Can You Track Using Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution lets you track a series of metrics that can affect e-commerce sales, consisting of:

.click-throughsimpressionsdetailed page viewspurchase rateadd to carttotal sales.How Does Amazon Attribution Work?

Amazon Attribution utilizes parameterized URLs—– basically a tracking URL. Amazon can track specifically what they do when users click on the link and go to your shop.

It’’ s a bit like a mix of Facebook’’ s Pixel and Google Analytics . Whatever users do when they click your advertisement is tracked, and you can see it all in a user friendly control panel.

. 4 Amazon Attribution Features You’ll Want to Try.

Amazon Attribution isn ’ t simply a URLtracking tool. It has numerous crucial’functions online marketers will wish to utilize.

. 1. Full-Funnel Amazon Analytics.

Amazon Attributionconsiderably increases the variety of sales funnel information brand names have access to. You ’ re not simply restricted to conversion information. Rather, Amazon raises the drape on how customers communicate with your item on their platform, offering metrics like clicks, in-depth page views, and the number of times clients include your item to their basket.

. 2. On-Demand Amazon Conversion Metrics. When efficiency happens, #ppppp> You can see projectperformance as and.Real-time reporting implies online marketers can enhance their marketing projects quicker than ever previously.

. 3. Consumer Insights.

Because of the wealth of metrics Amazon Attributes offers, online marketers can comprehendhow the users they send out to their shop act when they arrive. Do they include the item to their basket as quickly as they arrive on a page? Do they discover a various item they choose? Do they not purchase anything? Amazon Attribution lets you address all those concerns and more.

. 4. Different Tracking for Each Advertising Channel.

Amazon Attribution lets online marketers develop various tags for each marketing channel. Facebook Ads , Google AdWords, article, social networks posts, it doesn ’ t matter. You can make numerous tags so you constantly get granular information on the efficiency of every channel.

. Why Is Amazon Attribution Such a Big Deal?

It ’ s not an overstatement to state AmazonAttribution might be a transformational tool for suppliers and sellers. Prior to the tool was produced, tracking off-Amazon marketing projects was an outright problem.


There was merely no other way to separate traffic from different marketing channels. It was all disposed together.


Let ’ s state you made 500 sales, and you understand that yourown Amazon advertisements created 100 of them. That leaves 400 sales that might have originated from any marketing channel or perhaps through a natural Amazon listing.


Do you see what an issue that is for online marketers searching for the very best channel? There ’ s no chance they can inform.


Amazon Attribution modifications whatever entirely. Now brand names and online marketers will have the ability to seespecifically where each sale originates from, which includes a lot of advantages.

. 3 Benefits of Using Amazon Attribution.

“ Why utilize Amazon Attribution in the very first location? ” Ihear a few of you ask. There are a number of factors qualified brand names must begin utilizing Amazon Attribution right away”. Here’s my leading 3.

. 1. It Identifies one of the most Valuable Marketing Channels.

It ’ s not constantly simple to compute the ROI of your non-Amazon marketing efforts, specifically if you utilize numerous channels. Amazon Attribution enables sellers to see precisely which marketing efforts drive one of the most sales and offer the greatest ROI. With a clear image of what ’ s working and what ’ s not, shopkeeper can concentrate on their most lucrative channels.

. 2. It Optimizes Existing Campaigns.

Amazon Attribution lets you comprehend how users communicate with your shop and the wider Amazon environment. If traffic from one group converts much better than others, you can enhance yourexisting projects to drive more users that do transform and less of those that wear ’ t.

. 3. It Can Drive More Sales.

Some sellers might discover the principle of sending out external traffic to Amazon unusual, however it ’ s ending up being progressively crucial. Amazon is ending up being progressively dominant in e-commerce. At the very same time, the rateof sponsored advertisements on the platform continues to increase.

. Why Drive Traffic to Amazon in the First Place?

When you comprehend which marketing channels are most reliable and how customers connect with your items on Amazon, you can begin to materialize, data-backed choices. The kindof choices that will assist you offer more on Amazon For some that might be investing more in a particular marketing channel. For others, it might be changing the rate of their items.


What ’ s more, brand-new sellers are registering to Amazon every day. Oberlo just recently reported that a million brand-new sellers are signing up with Amazon every year. With a lot’competitors, external traffic can be a crucial lifeline to assist sellers make it through.

. Lower Amazon Advertising Costs.

External traffic assists you avoid the competitors for listings on Amazon and drive traffic straight to your shop. There ’ s no requirement to spend for sponsored advertisementson Amazon when you drive traffic straight to your items.

. Increase Your Seller Rank.

External traffic can seriously increase the variety of sales your shop makes. This can have a substantial effect on your total sales. Sales speed is among the ranking elements Amazon utilizes in its A9 algorithm, so the more sales you ’ re making, thegreater your items willrank in the future.

. Much Better Understand Your Amazon Customers.

The insights from Amazon Attribution can assist you discover more about your clients than ever previously. You might discover that one item doesn ’ t transform as well as you’believed it did. Or that consumers choose one item over another.


You won ’ t simply beenhancing your Amazon shop ’ s efficiency, either. These type of insights can enhance your company beyond the Amazon platform, too.

. How to Set Up Amazon Attribution.

The initial step to beginning with Amazon Attribution is submitting a signup type and visiting to your account.

.  How to Set Up Amazon Attribution- Amazon Attribution kind

Once your account has actually been authorized and established, you can begin matching items to the projects you ’ re tracking:

. Produce a tag by clicking the pertinent marketer ’ s name. Click “ New order. ”. Select the “ Set up an order ” specification. Pick the item you wish to connect to by looking for your items and clicking “ Add. ”. Provide a name and external ID to your attribution tag. I suggest being as apparent as possible with your name, so youunderstand which link is which( Don ’ t forget you ’ ll have adifferent tag for each of your items). Select where you ’ re going to position this link: Facebook, AdWords, and so on. The clickthrough URL is the URL of your item. Discover your item on Amazon,”copythe URL and paste it here. Click “ Create, ” and you ’ re done. You can now copy the Amazon Attribution tag and begin utilizing it in the wild. Alternatives to Amazon Attribution.

Amazon Attribution is an amazing tool, howeverregrettably, it’’ s not readily available to everybody who offerson the platform. Thankfully, there are numerous options you can utilize rather.

. Amazon Associates Tracking. Alternatives to Amazon Attribution-Amazon Associates Tracking

Amazon Associates tracking links were the most popular method to track external traffic to the shop platform prior to Amazon Attribution. With Associates tracking links, you make money a commission whenever a client transforms.


Unfortunately, this tracking service is no place near as extensive as Amazon Attribution. You ’ ll just have the ability to see which products users purchased, not their habits on the website prior to conversion. Plus, Amazon Associates just get one tag. That suggests it can be difficult to separate in between traffic sources.

. Pixelfy.me.  Alternatives to Amazon Attribution -Pixelfy.me

Pixelfy.me is a URL shortener and tracker developed particularly for Amazon sellers. You can track every kind and develop of Amazon link, consisting of Supreme, Brand, Canonical, Store Front, Add-to-Cart URLs, and a lot more.


Pixelfy.me can track practically whatever apart from conversions. While that ’ s not as thorough as Amazon Attribution, Pixelfy.medoes let you pixel users to retarget them in the future.

. Amazon Super URL Tool.

The Amazon Super URL Tool belongs to the AMZ Tracker suite of tools. It does not provide sellers more insight into the method users shop their shop, however it can substantially enhance the quality of incoming traffic and increase sales as an outcome.


The platform ’ s unique URL shortener makes Amazon think visitors have actually looked for particular keywords on Amazon rather of going straight to the listing. Amazon needs to rank your items greater for these keywords, as an outcome, which can cause more sales.

. Conclusion.

Amazon Attribution is the very best method to track how off-site traffic carries out on the Amazon platform. If you run external marketing projects for your Amazonshop and are severe about enhancing your Amazon shop , then Amazon Attribution is a must.


Not just can you enhance your marketing projects, however you can likewise increase conversions, too.


Creating Attribution tags is simple. Simply follow my suggestions above or contact my group if you desire an Amazon marketing company to do the work for you.


How lots of external marketing projects are you presently going to Amazon?


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