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How to Start Using Screen Recorded Videos on Social Media

People love visual marketing. In today’s social media-centric world, great visual content can make a huge difference in your marketing campaign. If you’re not doing video yet, it’s time to start.

A simple way to jump into video is to make screen recorded videos. These are short, simple videos that follow what you’re doing on your phone or computer screen with a voiceover in the background. Videos like these are a good way to get your feet wet while improving engagement and testing the format on your social accounts.

Are Screen Recordings Good for Social Media?

There are only a few places that screen recorded videos immediately make sense. They could be educational content on YouTube, supplemental materials for a course or blog tutorial, or independent social media posts.

Social media is actually an ideal place for screen recorded videos. They’re short, simple, and helpful. You can get a lot of engagement from this type of content, especially if you’re using it to answer common questions, make commentary, or give demonstrations.

One feature of a screen recording that makes it uniquely suited for social media is the format of the video itself. If you’re recording your phone screen, it will automatically be a vertical video, which will end up looking better on mobile phones as people scroll through their feeds. Since so many people are using mobile devices today, especially for social media access, it’s a useful way to make content that fits into the format naturally.

Benefits of Screen Recordings

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This video format isn’t perfect, but it has its benefits. Videos made from recording your screen are:

Evergreen or Topical

With screen recordings, you have a lot of simple options for making evergreen content. Simple instructional videos tend to be evergreen when they’re instructing people how to use certain apps, phone features, or online services. As long as the process stays basically the same, the content will be highly relevant.

On the other end of the pendulum, you can also make videos that are highly topical and will lose relevance within a short time. Because screen recorded videos can be made quickly, you won’t necessarily be wasting much of your own time making them, so the temporary engagement you gain from a topical video might be worth it.

Examples of evergreen content might be a tutorial on how to make a purchase using your company app, while topical content could be a quick look at how your home screen is organized or highlighting something that popped up on your feed.

Low Budget, Low Effort

You don’t need expensive sound equipment, cameras, and professional staff members to produce simple screen recorded videos. All you need a computer or phone, the right apps, and a little bit of time.

Educational Content

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Screen recordings can be very useful educational content. You can give a visual demonstration of how to do something or how to use a specific feature of an app. This format is easy to digest because it gives people a simple visual aid with an explanatory voiceover. Educational videos and demonstrations are the most common types of screen recorded videos, and for good reason.

While these videos don’t have the high production value or the personal touch of regular video content, they’re an excellent way to start incorporating video. Social media works perfectly with video, even simpler screen videos.

How to Start Making Recorded Screen Videos

Arguably the best thing about screen recording is how quickly anyone can jump into it! If you’ve got a smart phone, you can make this type of video. Using the built-in mic on the phone and the right app, you can start making videos from your screen.

The best way to begin is to establish a workable process. You can do your first screen recorded video in just a few steps:

Come up with your video idea
Plan your screen motions
Write a simple script
Practice recording the motions & script together
Capture the final video with a good screen recorder app

You can record yourself while practicing to see how it looks and sounds and make adjustments as needed. On the final capture, you don’t have to do it all in one take. You can re-do any parts that look or sound a bit off and edit the video with a basic video editing program to cut out awkward pauses and use only the best takes.

Even if you’re knowledgeable and charismatic, having a plan is vital to staying on track and presenting a unified message. Once the camera starts recording, it’s easy to lose track of where you’re going and to get scatter-brained. Having a loose script and planning your motions on the screen helps you make something that’s easy to watch, fully coherent, and simple to follow.

Social media and video are a natural combination. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to get into video content, this is a simple option that works well for many businesses and individuals.

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