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How To Remove Yourself from Tagged Posts on Instagram

Ever get tagged in an image and have no concept who tagged you or what the image involves your brand name? You can quickly untag yourself to eliminate it from your profile.

Here at Sked Social, we frequently get spam tags from accounts that are simply attempting to enhance their reach. More tags gets more eyes and more engagement and for that reason, more love from the algorithm. Arbitrarily we get tagged (along with 50 other brand names) in posts that are completely unimportant.

Don’’ t get us incorrect, we LOVE when clients, social networks supervisors, services, and so on tag us on Instagram! This is strictly for undesirable tags from spam accounts that make no sense.

Just today, I awakened to this Instagram alert. Prior to I even clicked it, I was currently rolling my eyes and influenced to compose this post.

.Why you need to untag yourself.

Some individuals may not care if they are tagged arbitrarily, however as a service, you should! Individuals really take a look at your tagged images and tagged posts are still a representation of your brand name (although you didn’’ t post it).


People typically take a look at tagged pictures since it’’ s a much deeper check out how other individuals are utilizing a services or product. It’’ s great to get a various viewpoint from what the business is publishing.

Tagged posts can reveal who is utilizing your services or items, cooperations your brand name might have, various usages for your item and more. It’’ s crucial to make sure this area isn’’ t overcrowded with spam that is destructive to your brand name.

.How to untag yourself.

After clicking the picture, we can certainly inform this is not a post we require to be tagged in. By clicking anywhere, or on the little tag button in the bottom left corner, we can see that a BUNCH of other individuals are tagged too. Which simply suggests the account is most likely tagging loads of random represent engagement factors.

So time to untag!

Once you are on the real post, click the 3 dots in the leading right corner.

Once you click the 3 dots, you will see these choices appear: Report, Copy Link, Share to, Photo Options, Turn On Post Notifications.

If you think it’’ s a phony account or a bot, it may be a great concept to Report the post. For the functions of untagging, click Photo Options.

Once you click Photo Options you will have the ability to ““ Remove Me From Post ” or “ Hide from My Profile.” ” Hiding the post from your profile will make sure that it doesn’’ t appear in the tagged area, however it won ’ t in fact untag you.

Click Remove Me From Post.

Instagram will offer you another possibility to alter your mind with this turn up. Click Remove.

And that’’ s it! Now when you go to your tagged posts from your profile page, you’’ ll see that the post is no longer there.

This is any simple method to have more control over what material you are tagged in and what material appears on your profile!

If a specific account is continuously tagging you in spam posts, we likewise recommend reporting the account as spam and obstructing them. That method they won’’ t have the ability to continue to tag you.


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