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How to Promote Your Podcast Through Paid Ads

Growing a podcast is a difficulty.

There are 1.75 million podcasts on the planet and more than 43 million episodes.

There’s a great deal of competitors, however podcast intake has actually likewise increased greatly.

Thirty-seven percent of United States grownups have actually listened to podcasts, a three-fold boost compared to the last 10 years. Podcast listeners likewise tune in to approximately 7 various programs each week, and 80 percent listen to the whole or the majority of each episode.

The podcast market has an intense future. Both the variety of podcasts and podcast listeners have actually increased.

One of the most reliable methods to promote your podcast audience is utilizing paid advertisements.

Here’s how to do it.

.Why Should You Create a Paid Advertisement to Promote Your Podcast?

Paid advertisements offer a efficient and quick method to increase and promote podcasts brand name awareness. Unlike material marketing, which takes a lots of time, paid advertisements can rapidly grow your audience in a matter of weeks.

Here are a couple of other advantages of paid advertisements:

.Broaden reach: Not getting sufficient listeners? Paid advertisements are an efficient tool to increase your audience. Advertisement targeting makes it simpler to get your podcast in front of your target market. Set your podcast apart: What subjects do you talk about on your podcast? Why should individuals tune into your episodes? A PPC advertisement can highlight what sets your podcast apart from its competition.Cost-effective marketing: PPC is an economical method to promote your podcast due to the fact that you pay based upon impressions, conversions, or clicks. A lot of social networks platforms likewise offer metrics on your marketing results, so you get your cash’’s worth. Kinds Of Paid Ads to Promote Your Podcast.

A wide variety of platforms use paid advertisements you can utilize to promote your podcast, such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Discord. Listed below, we’ll cover why you must think about each platform and the kinds of advertisements they provide.

.Google Ads.

Google advertisements appear when users look for your company or usage business-related keywords in their Google search. This lets you reach among the largest audiences of any platform.

Types of Google advertisements consist of:

.textresponsiveimageapp promo adsvideoproduct shopping adsshowcase shopping adscall-only advertisements.Facebook Ads.

Facebook advertisements let you promote your social networks page, posts on your social networks page, or your podcast site. You can target users based upon their group, geographical place, or profile info. Facebook advertisements are likewise a perfect method to develop a neighborhood around your podcast, assisting it grow.

Types of Facebook advertisements consist of:

.imagevideocarouselinstant experiencecollection.Instagram Ads.

Instagram advertisements are perfect for those who wish to promote podcasts through beautiful visuals and premium images. You can likewise share brief clips, emphasize behind-the-scenes images, or share links to podcasts. With more than a billion regular monthly active users , Instagram reaches an enormous audience.

Types of Instagram advertisements consist of:

.imagesvideoscarouselstories.Snapchat Ads.

Snapchat advertisements take advantage of special marketing functions such as increased truth, face swap, and interesting filters to enhance brand name awareness and promote podcasts. These advertisements can likewise reach a more youthful audience, with the typical Snapchat user being in between 15 and 25 years of age.

Types of Snapchat advertisements consist of:

.single image or video adsfilterslensesstory adsproduct brochure adscommercials.TikTok Ads.

TikTok advertisements need users to establish an advertising campaign to reach their target market within 24 hours. The platform is more recent, which indicates advertisements can be more budget-friendly than more recognized platforms like Google and Facebook.

TikTok advertisement types consist of:

.in-feed adsbranded hashtagstop view adsbranded effectsbrand takeover.Discord.

Discord Servers or chatroom are filled with similar individuals who wish to interact on a video game, subject, or any sight. If you have a Discord server committed to podcast listeners, head to Advertise Your Server (AYS) . You can promote your server and bring in devoted listeners.

.LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn advertisements are perfect for podcasters who wish to target an expert audience, such as company owner or working specialists. While it may not be the best platform for all podcasts, LinkedIn still boasts more than 37 million members and has high engagement rates.

Types of LinkedIn advertisements consist of the following:

.single image adcarousel image advideo adtext addynamic adsponsored messaging.How to Decide Which Paid Advertisement Campaigns Are Right for Your Podcast.

Since numerous platforms provide paid advertisements, which is best to promote podcasts? There is nobody right response; you’ll require to consider your specific niche, advertisement, spending plan, and audience types each platform uses.

We go over all these elements thorough listed below.

.1. Specific niche.

Your podcasts’ ’ specific niche or market plays a huge function in choosing which platform to pick.

Are you offering software application for the B2B market? Pay Per Click projects on LinkedIn will be essential to bring in similar podcast listeners. Are you an appeal or way of life brand name? Instagram advertisements with beautiful designs and quite items will likely drive the very best outcomes.

Check out my social networks marketing guide to discover the perfect platform based upon your market.

.2. Audience.

Most paid advertisement platforms have unique advertisement targeting abilities. Prior to you begin developing advertisements, make certain you understand who you wish to reach.

What are their likes and dislikes? Where are they found? What is their gender?

The more info you have, the much easier it will be to develop targeted advertisements your audience is most likely to react to.

If your podcast wishes to ignite the interest of Gen Zers , think of introducing TikTok advertisements. A food-themed podcast might likewise utilize stunning food-themed pictures on their Instagram paid advertisements .

The Pew Research Center has a social networks truth sheet where you can identify the favored platform based upon market information.

3. Expense.

Every platform has an unique bidding procedure. Marketers are charged based upon their goals or objectives such as impressions, clicks, or conversions. The typical expense will likewise vary depending upon your specific niche or market.

To optimize your earnings, think about the expense of the advertisements and its outcomes. You can likewise run a study of your listeners to figure out the platforms where your audience is most active.

.4. Advertisement Types.

Different advertisement types will yield various outcomes and understandings of your podcast.

Some advertisement types will resonate with your audience much better. You’ll require to try out various advertisement formats to learn which works finest for your target market.

For circumstances, marketers who wish to release a distinct top quality project utilizing lenses or filters might concentrate on Snapchat. Those who discover carousel advertisements efficient might utilize Facebook or Instagram.

Take the time to investigate your audience and test a couple of platforms. You’ll desire to stick to platforms that provide that advertisement type if one type of advertisement converts at a greater rate.

.Measuring the success and tracking of Your Podcast Promotion Campaign.

Besides your iTunes ranking, there are a number of other methods to track the efficiency of your paid podcast project. Here are a couple of metrics and KPIs to evaluate the success of your paid advertisements project.

.Direct and recommendation traffic: Refers to the spike in traffic due to paid advertising campaign published on social networks sites or search engines.Downloads per episode: The variety of times your podcast episode is downloaded on a computer system, mobile phone, or tablet.Exclusive deal code: Consists of a voucher code which reads on-air by the host to track conversions connected to the advertisement campaign.Cost per thousand (CPM): Refers to the quantity the marketers spend for a thousand impressions on the paid ad.Cost per acquisition (CPA): The quantity invested to obtain a brand-new podcast listener or consumer as an outcome of the paid advertisement campaign.Bounce rate: The rate at which individuals leave the site without continuing to search to other pages. Many PPC advertisements lead possible listeners to the podcast’s site or a landing page. If you experience a high bounce rate, think about tailoring your landing page to enhance results.Time on website: This describes the typical time that interested listeners invest in their see. The time invested in your website can identify whether podcast listeners are engaged with your episodes.Conversion rate: The typical variety of visitors who transformed into podcast listeners.Return on Advertisement Spend (ROAS): The revenue made after investing a particular quantity on releasing paid advertisement campaigns.Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Refers to the quantity invested throughout your relationship with your customer.Budget achievement: Amount invested in PPC advertising campaign month-to-month.Tips for Creating Paid Ads to Promote Your Podcast.

At this point, you’’ re most likely wanting to develop your podcast advertisement. As somebody who has actually released numerous PPC projects, here are suggestions to promote podcasts through paid advertisements.

.1. Select the Right Advertising Image.

Podcasts might be audio, however individuals are drawn in to PPC advertisements due to the fact that of images. Utilize an eye-catching image that matches the style and topic of your podcast.

The Tim Ferris reveal has a v ideo advertisement with an engaging illustration of the podcast host. Clicking the play button plays a convincing quote that motivates listeners to have a look at the whole episode.

2. Target the Right Audience.

Test PPC advertisements to limit your target market.

When you understand your audience, you can take advantage of advertisement targeting abilities to reduce your expenses and enhance conversions.

Let’’ s state you have an approaching episode about cooking from a popular regional celeb. You can narrow your audience based upon place and a specific style of the episode.

Likewise, you can likewise promote podcasts by customizing targeting choices based upon an episode’’ s material. A/B screening can assist determine the perfect advertisement sets and demographics of your target market.

. 3. Test Your Ads.

To increase CTR and reduceadvertisement invest, check advertisements withvarious images or copy. Like Tim Ferris ’ advertisement in the previous area, most podcast advertisements include an audiogram or a brief clip with subtitles.


I suggest screening numerous audiograms to learn which works finest in creating conversions or clicks. You can likewise lead users to the site or landing page where they can listen or download the specific podcast episode included in the advertisement.

. 4. Display Your Podcast Advertisement Results.

Most marketing platforms offer analytics to track the outcomes of your projects. Facebook projects can be tracked with Facebook Analytics while Instagram advertisements can be tracked with Instagram analytics, etc.


For every social networks platform you utilize, inspect the information regularly. Utilize this info to enhance the paid advertising campaign because channel.

. Examples of Paid Ads for Podcast Promotions.

Not sure how to promote podcasts with paid advertisements? We ’ ve put together a list of engaging examples to motivate yourown.

. 1. iHeartRadio.

iHeartRadio’s paid advertisement intended to promote their Ron Burgundy podcast . It consists of a brief audiogram which offers listeners a preview of their conversation on how the brain works. Curious listeners might be obliged to click the advertisement to listen to the whole episode.

. 2. Goldman Sachs.

Podcast advertisements normally have an audiogram, however it doesn ’ t suggest your advertisements need to stay with thestandard.


The Exchanges at Goldman Sachs podcast includes a behind-the-scenes video of the hosts speaking on-air. When the video is on mute, the subtitles let audiences comprehend the subject of discussion even.

. 3. Pfizer.

The Antigen podcast by Pfizer checks out the political, clinical, and cultural aspects of vaccination.


Their paid advertisement starts with the engaging concern, “ Do you like podcasts or science? ” If the response is yes, “you can take a look at their podcast about COVID-19, possible treatments, and previous pandemics.

. 4. March of Dimes.

March of Dimes podcast shares stories on pregnancy, loss, and being a parent.


Their paid advertising campaign shared a bit of a daddy ’ s motivating story with his little lady born too soon. The caption and the included bit will draw brand-new moms and dads’ who can associate with the material.


They likewise have a picture of a mom nestling an infant, which can draw in the attentionof moms and dads.

.  Promote Podcast- March of Dimes Example Conclusion.

Paid advertising campaign can assist increase awareness for your podcast and bring in brand-new listeners.


To optimize your outcomes, utilize an engaging image, target the best audience, test paid advertisements , and ensure to keep an eye on outcomes. Measuring the success and tracking of your podcast promo project will likewise assist you monitor your outcomes.


As you get more information, you can figure out the most reliable advertisement type and perfect targeting methods for cost-efficient costs. Here ’ s to hoping these pointers will assist you to promote your podcast and grow your audience.


How will you promote podcasts?


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