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How to Find Old Tweets

If you’re looking for an old tweet, there’s a simpler method to discover it than simply scrolling through your timeline. This guide teaches you how.

.Why Finding Old Tweets Matters.

There are a million factors you might wish to discover your own or another person’’ s old tweets.


Maybe you tweeted a fantastic organization concept in 2015, however you can’’ t remember what it was. Maybe you keep in mind making an especially amusing remark and wish to see the number of retweets it got.

It might even be something as easy as seeing what your now-favorite celeb was tweeting about prior to they got popular.

Finding old tweets might likewise be a case of preserving one’s honor or conserving your credibility. We’’ ve all stated things we ’ re not happy with in the past. The problem is the permanency of the web suggests off-hand remarks can be difficult to leave. We’’ ve all seen stories of five-year-old tweets returning to bite individuals and destroy their professions.

Better to discover those tweets and erase them for excellent, no matter how harmless they might appear.

.How Do I Search for Old Tweets?

The most apparent method to look for old tweets is to scroll back through your time timeline. Depending upon just how much you tweet, nevertheless, this might take a long period of time. Even if you just tweeted when a day for 3 years, that’’ s over 1,000 tweets you ’ ve got to scroll through.

Luckily, there are 3 much better methods you can utilize to discover old tweets.

.Usage Twitter’s Advanced Search.

Twitter’’ s advanced search function is the most convenient and most extensive method to look for old tweets by yourself or anybody else’’ s profile. You can browse utilizing numerous filters, consisting of date, keyword, locations, and accounts. That suggests you can determine a specific tweet or discover numerous tweets that all fulfill the exact same requirements.

Start by browsing to the innovative search page .

Next, select what you wish to look for. Let’’ s state we wish to see what I stated about link structure in 2016.


We begin by typing “ link structure” ” into the specific expression search bar.

Then include my account to the accounts area.

Then choose the date variety. In this case, we’’ re searching for tweets in between the start and end of 2016.

Voila. We get a list of whenever I pointed out ““ link structure ” in a tweet in 2016.


You can utilize the innovative search filter ’ s requirements to discover simplyabout any tweet you desire. You can utilize the date variety to determine what somebody tweeted on a particular day. You can likewise utilize it to discover your very first tweet ever.


In my case, we can see I signed up with Twitter quite early on in March 2007.


Finding my very first tweet is as easy as returning to the innovative search function and use the following filters:

. My account (@neilpatel )The date variety( March 1, 2007 – March 31, 2007 ).

Twitter doesn ’ t list the tweets in sequential order, however it – is easybut simple tosee what my very first tweet’was.

.  Old Tweets- Neil Patel example of finding very first tweet

The finest feature of Twitter ’ s advanced search function is how simple it isto alter the specifications and run a brand-new search without returning to the primary search page.


In the example above, we can rapidly modify the search to learn what I tweeted about in March2020.


If your initial criteria weren ’ t narrow enough, you can quickly include more to the existing search. ’we can include “ coronavirus ” to the start of the search to just consist of tweets related to the pandemic.


We can likewise look for another individual ’ s tweets throughout the exact same timeframe by including “ OR from: [Twitter manage] ” after my name.


Let ’ s utilize this to see what my buddy Eric Siu needed to state.

. Ask Twitter for Your Records.

Twitter ’ s advanced search function isn ’ t the only method to utilize the platform to discover your old tweets. You can likewise download an archive’of your information, providing you access to all of your tweets at the same time.


Go to “ Settings and personal privacy. ”


Then click “ Your account. ”


Then “ Download an archive of your information. ”

.  How to Find Old Tweets- Download an archive of your information in Twitter's Advanced Search

Enter your password, then click “ Request archive. ” You ’ ll get a notice as quickly as your ZIP file is all set to download.”

.  How to Find Old Tweets- Twitter Data Archive Use a Third-Party Website to Delete Your Old Tweets.

Several third-party sites will do all of the effort of finding particular tweets for you.

. All My Tweets.

All My Tweets is a quick, totally free, and simple method to see all of your tweets on a single page. Visit utilizing your Twitter account, and you ’ ll get a total round-up of your Twitter activity.

’. Tweet Binder.

Tweet Binder lets you get a complete report on any Twitter account, not simply your own. If you desire to discover out what somebody else was tweeting about in the previous or comprehend how their activity on the platform has actually altered over time, this is terrific.

. TweetDeleter.

TweetDeleter leverages your Twitter archive to make finding and erasing tweets extremely simple. When they download it, this is an excellent option for individuals who tweet a dreadful lot and who might discover their archive a little frustrating.

. Should I Delete My Old Tweets?

Now you ’ ve discovered your old tweets, you ’ re most likely questioning whether you ought toerase them. There ’ s no uncomplicated method to address this concern.


There is an excellent case to be made in favor of protecting all of your old tweets, however there ’ s a similarly excellent casein favor of erasing them (or a minimum of erasing the worst of them ).


Let ’ s take a look at both sides of the coin listed below to see if we can decide.

.Pros of Deleting Your Old Tweets.

Deleting old tweets provides you a possibility at a clean slate and can assistprevent any unfavorable and undesirable promotion as your audience grows. Here are a few of the very best factors for erasing old tweets:

. You desire a clean slate on Twitter however put on ’ t wish to alter your e-mail address. It might be best to erase whatever in this case.You ’ ve altered viewpoints on a specific subject. Altering your viewpoint is a terrific characteristic, however you might not desire anybody calling you a hypocrite.You signed up with Twitter when you were a teen. We were all humiliating when we were more youthful, however it ’ s best to erase any proof of your more youthful, more absurd self.You wear ’ t desire a brand-new company spying on your history. Some companies inspect social networks accounts prior to making a hire. Don ’ t let them discover anything they won ’ t like. You’ve changed markets. If you utilized to operate in e-commerce however’now work for non-profits, it may be worth erasing old tweets that are unassociated to your existing field.

If you desire the suggestions of a professional, Katie Linendoll thinks that if you need to hesitate about a tweet, then simply erase it. “ If you ’ re reluctant on a tweet and you believe it might be dicey, then in what capability do you believe it ’ s a great concept “to keep it up there? ” she asks. “ It’s mind-blowing to me, it’s simply not worth it’. ”


You won ’ t be alone “if you erase your tweets, either. According to TweetDeleter , activity increased 14 percent in 2020. The most typical factor users were erasing their tweets was “ tidying up my feed for prospective companies. ” Other popular intentions consisted of “ eliminating humiliating tweets ” and “ a modification of viewpoints than what past tweets represent. ”

. Cons of Deleting Your Old Tweets.

“Deleting your old tweets isn ’ t always the finest concept.There are some quite considerable disadvantages to erasing your tweets, specifically if you prepare to erase a big quantity.

. Individuals might observe. Mass erasing all of your old tweets can be as bad as not erasing them for individuals with a huge following. Doing so might trigger individuals to hypothesize on what you stated in the past, even if you didn ’ t state anything bad at all.Deleted tweets are opted for great. There ’ s no getting a tweet back as soon as you erase it, so believe thoroughly if you ’ re happy to let it go. Mass erasing tweets might indicate losing nostalgic posts. Old images or a message to a now-departed pal might hold significant emotional worth. I ’d recommend versus erasing these sort of messages anywhere possible. Even if you wear ’ t believe you ’ ll miss out on the tweet’now, you might alter your mind in the future.

Deleting tweets can be a double-edged’sword. That ’ s why I think in being really mindful about the tweets youdo erase. Don ’ t stress over a typo, for example, or for talking about a belief that loads of individuals held at the time. You might not have much of a timeline left if you take this method.


Do take Katie Linendoll ’ s guidance. Simply erase it and move on if you have to believe two times about it. Life ’ s too brief to get stressed over a single tweet.

. How to Delete Old Tweets wholesale.

You put on ’ t need to erase your old tweets one by one. Numerousapps let you erase all (or a choice) of your old tweets instantly.

. TweetEraser.

TweetEraser lets you filter and erase your tweets rapidly and quickly. Filter by date, hashtag, or keyword, and after that begin erasing. There is a complimentary variation of the tool, however heavy Twitter users will most likely require the premium variation which costs$ 9.99.

. TweetDeleter.

TweetDeleter doesn ’ tsimply let you browse tweets; it lets you erase them, too. You can utilize the platform to crawl your old tweets and erase them one by one, or you can establish an auto-deleter that will crawl your profile and erase tweets according to established settings instantly.


Best of all, TweetDeleter lets you keep your erased tweets on their app. You might not desire other users to see them any longer, howeveryou can re-read them whenever you desire.


The basic variation of TweetDeleter costs$ 3.99 each month.

. TwitWipe.

Do you wish to purge your profile totally? opt for TwitWipe, which deletes all of erases tweets in one go. It ’ s very basic to utilize, erases your tweets quickly, and, most importantly, is complimentary to utilize.

. Conclusion.

It ’ s not constantly simple to discover what you or somebody else tweeted in the past, specifically if you ’ re a respected tweeter. Tweetingfrequently isa fantastic method’to grow your individual brand name and your organization , however it can likewise make it difficult to keep an eye on what you stated.


Whether you utilize Twitter ’ s advanced search function, demand all of your activity from the platform, or utilize a third-party tool, discovering old tweets can let you determine which ones you wish to keep and which you wish to erase.


Whose old tweets are you going to look at? What humiliating things did you tweet about in the past?


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