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How to Customize Your Facebook Ads for Placements

When you produce projects and advertisement sets, you have the alternative to choose positionings you wish to target users on. The list is constantly altering and growing, however here’’ s what it appears like since publication.

With all of these positionings noted, what are you to do with them? Which do you select? Which do you leave out?

The response, as I’’ m sure you ’ re conscious, isn ’ t cut and dry.


In this guide,’I ’ m going to break down what you require to understand to figure out which positionings to utilize and how to tailor your Facebook advertisements for positionings.

Let’’ s initially delve into positionings as an entire and what they suggest.

.Reach more of your audience with Facebook advertisement positionings.

No positioning is bad or naturally great, in spite of some sensations that individuals might have. No matter which positioning you pick, Facebook is just going to reveal your advertisements to the audience you’’ ve picked. Including Instagram doesn’’ t imply you ’ ll suddenly start serving to just millennial influencers and including the Audience Network doesn’’ t indicate you ’ ll serve on the dark web or someplace wicked.

What positionings do is successfully let you reach your audience as they discover their method around the Facebook network in the manner in which they engage with it. There are some users who just have Facebook, while others just have Instagram. You might miss out on out on some part of your audience totally if you were to omit one or the other.

As you can see from the list in the previous area, there are rather a variety of locations users can engage, and I motivate you to let only 2 things affect whether your advertisements display in one location or another:

.Efficiency.How your advertisements look.

The very first is fairly simple. Begin with all positionings revealed and if efficiency is great, then keep it. Turn it off if efficiency for a particular positioning is bad. Easy.

The 2nd takes a little bit more art than science. Here’’ s the crucial concern I desire you to ask yourself when producing an advertisement:

Does my advertisement appearance alright because positioning?

It’’ s as basic as that. Does my advertisement appearance fine here or not?

The simplest method to discover this out is to utilize the sneak peek tools while constructing advertisements.

On the right-hand side of the advertisement contractor, you’’ ll see a list of positionings you can evaluate your advertisement in. You ’ ll just see a sneak peek for positionings you’’ ve decided into at the advertisement set level.

Click through each of these and see what your advertisement appears like. Does it look fantastic? Simply fine? Awful? Exists a little lost area or exists a face that’’ s eliminated of the image?


If you discover that your advertisement looks horrible in a positioning, your very first response may be to shut off that positioning, however not so quickly. Facebook has another set of tools up their sleeve that will assist you take advantage of every positioning and put your brand name’’ s finest foot forward.

.Tailor advertisements by positioning.

In the ““ Media ” area of your advertisement contractor, there ’ s a little drop-down menu with a header: Select a positioning to personalize.

This will open a list of all the positionings you’’ ve chose to reveal your advertisement. For each you pick, it will open an editor that looks something like this:

I picked the Instagram Story advertisement choice, as it has the most tools for modification.

On the right, you’’ ll see a sneak peek of your advertisement as you have it established in the editor and left wing is a menu of tools you can utilize to tailor your advertisement for that private positioning. In this circumstances, Instagram Stories.

.Design template.

The very first alternative readily available is the design template. Opening this editor will offer you a variety of, you thought it, design templates of Instagram Stories to pick from. This is an alternative just offered in the Stories area of the network, so capitalize where you can.

Just like the common Facebook advertisement editor, as you alter your settings, the sneak peek on the right will upgrade.

If you’’ re unable to personalize private creatives for Stories like a few of the bigger brand names can, design templates will offer your Instagram Story advertisements a bit more life over your competitors simply by including a little style to the mix.

Clearly, the image above wouldn’’ t be a terrific edit as it cuts off a good quantity of the text and, may I state, an essential face. We might be able to restore it.

That brings us to the next part of the editor, the media area.


In this area, we can select to crop the image or alter it out entirely. To attempt and conserve the very same image for this imaginative, we can attempt to crop it.

In this circumstances, the crop alternative doesn’’ t offer us a more functional choice that still brings all the very same info as the initial advertisement. It would be in our finest interest to select a various image completely if we desire to maintain this design template. For the sake of this post, I’’ ll merely go back to no design template for the rest of the post.


The next area of the editor is quite obvious, however it permits you to alter the main advertisement copy and link for the positioning you’’ re picking to modify.


This is excellent if you require to extend the text or reduce based upon the area readily available and if you wish to send out users to a various landing page based upon the Stories experience.

This area will consist of various text choices depending upon the positioning you’’ re modifying. If you’’ re personalizing for the Facebook News Feed, it will likewise consist of a heading field for modification.

.Background color.

The last tool for modification is background color. Here, we’’ re able to pick from a pre-programmed list of colors or include your own brand name colors by method of picking the plus button and after that scrolling through the color finder or including an HTML color code.

You can likewise pick whether to utilize a strong color or gradient and with gradient, you can pick the bottom and leading color to truly make something brilliant if you seem like it, as I plainly did listed below.

Once you’’ ve personalized the positioning to your heart ’ s material, struck ““ Save ” in the bottom right and Facebook will take you back to the primary advertisement editor screen, however it will look a little various.

.Last views.

Once you’’ re completed, you’’ ll notification there is a brand-new listing in the media part of the editor.

Now, the media part will reveal you each personalized variation of your advertisement, and it will inform you the positionings it’’ s being utilized for.


This will assist you track what’’ s being tailored and what isn’’ t and will conserve all of your settings for you to quickly return and personalize even more if required.

.Personalize for much better Facebook advertisement positionings!

Now that you can personalize your advertisements to look fine in each positioning and we concur that efficiency must determine what positionings we shut off, there’’ s no factor to have an advertisement on the Facebook network that just reveals to desktop News Feed! When the others target the very same users and your advertisements can look simply great there, stop costs so much cash on the greater expense positionings. Let your target market transform where they desire and if they merely put on’’ t transform on a positioning after you’’ ve offered it a shot, then you have my true blessing to turn that positioning off. Not previously.


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