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How 2 Questions Helped This Marketing Agency Make $100,000 in 90 Days

In March of 2020, Reneé Boudakian, co-founder and owner of Rubicon Marketing and DM Qualified Partner , discovered herself in the exact same circumstance you did.

Wondering if her company would have the ability to ride out this unpredicted storm.

It ends up that her service was not just able to endure, however it ended up being a much better variation of itself. In 90 days, Reneé had the ability to protect $100,000 from deals that didn’’ t even exist at the start of 2020.


Yes– you check out that. The deals she released to have a 6-figure quarter weren’’ t even part of her company pre-pandemic. Utilizing the Customer Value Journey and 2 important concerns, Reneé had the ability to navigate through completion of 2020 with a method we’’ re delighted to show you.


Before Reneé put the Customer Value Journey to work, her firm’’ s use was to develop and carry out private Infusionsoft projects on specification in month-to-month retainers. This was fixing an obstacle of her client avatars, however not the entire issue. As Reneé teaches in her Certified Partner Training, she was offering her customers legos rather of assisting them construct their whole castle.

This caused the insight required to weather COVID-19 and the brand-new modifications it was giving companies. Utilizing 2 easy concerns and the Customer Value Journey , Reneé had the ability to develop brand name brand-new deals that either reveal her customers how to accomplish their objectives, do the work to reach those objectives for them, or work along with them to reveal them how it was done.

Here’’ s an appearance inside Rubicon Marketing ’ s huge pivot that wound up bringing their company 6-figures in 3 months.

.Concern # 1: Do we have something that we are currently proficient at or currently offering?

The very first concern Rubicon Marketing asked themselves was what they were currently proficient at or currently offering. In their case, they were excellent at constructing and executing out those Infusionsoft projects. The issue was that this was a single lego in a substantial stack required to construct that castle.

.If there was anything they were missing out on, #ppppp> Rubicon pulled up the previous customer calls from their BEST customers and listened to hear. As Reneé covers in her training, the secret is concentrating on your BEST customers. These are the customers who pay you the most, are simplest to deal with, and constantly get outcomes. Rapidly, they recognized that customers were overwhelmed, annoyed, frightened, psychological, and tired. Each customer was experiencing the turmoil of attempting to do everything (landing pages, e-mail projects, TikToks, Clubhouse)—– and the failure of not having the ability to maintain.

That was Rubicon’’ s light bulb minute.

Their customers weren’’ t asking what a landing page was, how an e-mail project worked, what TikTok was, or where the Clubhouse was. They were attempting to carry out high-converting landing pages and e-mail funnels and develop appealing TikTok and Clubhouse material.

They had actually gotten in ““ The Chasm. ” The Chasm is the part of the Technology Adaptation Cycle where individuals embrace the innovation. This suggests that you’’ re not persuading individuals regarding why this tech exists—– they currently comprehend and understand.


Rubicon understood this was a big chance for their firm.

““ The volume of chance to serve the individuals who are embracing brand-new modifications was substantial,” ” states Reneé. “ Our avatar wants to alter however doesn ’ t understand how. This is where we can offer the best change.””


The Customer Value Journey was their missing link. Here’’ s how Reneé breaks that down.


Every service has 5 core functions:

.Lead generationLead nurtureConversionDeliveryRetention, resell, upsell.

And, every organization has 3 unique stages where each of these core operates fit:

.Marketing (lead generation) Sales (lead support and conversion) Fulfillment (provide and retention, resell, upsell).

Rubicon took a look at the Customer Value Journey through these stages, with the core functions, to pin down where each phase of the CVJ suits the 3 organization stages:

.Marketing: Awareness, Engagement, SubscribeSales: Convert, ExciteFulfillment: Ascend, Advocate, Promote.

For each of these organization stages, Rubicon constructed out the automation that would assist customers have the ability to accomplish their objectives. They call this their Automation Architecture and it utilizes automation tools particular to marketing, sales, and satisfaction.

This was the change customers were trying to find. They didn’’ t requirement to be persuaded that e-mail funnels worked—– they were all set to embrace the innovation that would assist them have an e-mail funnel that worked FOR THEM.

Rubicon developed 2 brand-new done-for-you deals:

.A paid preparation session where they reveal customers how to produce their Automation Architecture based upon the Customer Value JourneyBuilding and carrying out the Automation Architecture for the customers.

Just by addressing that very first concern, they had the ability to increase their typical task size and increase their profits. There was still a bit more work to do.

.Concern # 2: Are we missing out on any chances with our existing customers?

After finding out what it was that Rubicon might definitely nail for their customers, they began to check out what cross-sells, upsells, or add-ons they might likewise provide.

By understanding their client avatar, they recognized there were 2 various desires:

.Some individuals wished to market themselves due to the fact that they’’ re pre-revenueother or low individuals wish to have somebody assist them with their marketing (refrain from doing everything for them).

You understand what’’ s going to take place next…… Rubicon developed deals for each of these client avatars.

For individuals who wished to market themselves, they developed a subscription-based subscription website as a Do-It-Yourself Model.

For those who wished to work along with Rubicon, they used Zoom calls where customers might utilize the Rubicon group’’ s proficiency in a Done-With-Model.

You currently understand the ending to this story: Rubicon had the ability to generate $100,000 in simply 90 days. That’’ s not where this ends.

Rubicon didn’’ t stop there and rather concentrated on determining what the improvement they were providing their customers in fact was. It wasn’’ t Automation Architecture of having the ability to talk with professional online marketers. It was something deeper that made them purchase.

In her Certified Partner Training, Reneé describes, ““ We understand that consumers will examine our services by weighing the viewed worth versus the asking cost.””


Using Maslow’’ s Hierarchy of Needs, Rubicon had the ability to determine what experience they were truly providing their customers.


As you serve requirements greater on Maslow’’ s pyramid customer commitment boosts. Rubicon altered their message with the objective of offering change for clients as high up the pyramid as possible.

For example, their messaging about their services now discuss how they assist customers prevent stress and anxiety, concentrate on what they really take pleasure in, and the other esteem and self-actualization experiences they offer. Utilizing Maslow’’ s Hierarchy of Needs, Rubicon has the ability to attain the 3 things every organization desires:

.Much better consumer commitment (increased CLTV) Great customer desire to attempt the brandSustained income development.

We understand that’’ s what you ’ re searching for from your firm too. Now that you ’ ve seen how Rubicon had the ability to make$ 100,000 in 90 days with 2 concerns and the CVJ, let ’ s have a look at what you can do to get the exact same outcomes.

.How to Create This Growth for Your Agency.

The primary step to seeing the exact same outcomes that Rubicon had the ability to produce is to stroll yourself through the very same workout. Ask yourself the exact same concerns that Reneé and the Rubicon group reviewed.

.Concern # 1: Do you have something that you are currently proficient at or currently offering?

Chances are the response to this is yes. If you’’ ve developed your firm and you have customers—– you have something that you’’ re offering that’they ’ re thinking about. Are you providing your customers the castle or a single lego?

Rubicon listening back to their previous taped customer calls was a dazzling relocation. It was the driver revealing them that despite the fact that their customers liked what they were using, they were leaving chances on the table. That’’ s when Rubicon had the ability to develop out 2 more Done-For-You services that were currently market evaluated, authorized, and prepared for purchase.

.Concern # 2: Are we missing out on any chances with our existing customers?

The response here is likewise yes—– and we state that with love. You have space to enhance if you understand your company might be doing much better. A great deal of the time, enhancing methods that you’’ re producing brand-new deals, upsells, add-ons, and so on to assist your customers in a brand-new method.

Rubicon determined that their customers fell under 3 pails: they wished to do their own marketing, they desired Rubicon to manage whatever, they wished to interact with Rubicon on their marketing. That implied there were 3 deals that might be developed to serve each of these customers.

Now, let’’ s include the icing on the cake that Rubicon definitely nailed.

Making your company stick out from the others. Start to get actually knowledgeable about Maslow’’ s Hierarchy of Needs to find out what requires you’’ re filling for your customers. Sure—– assisting them make more cash is completion objective, however what does that in fact suggest for them.

.Does more cash assist them raise their social status?Do they require more cash to be able to have freedom?Are they trying to find cash as a method to assist them be one of the most they can be?

We were enjoyed have Reneé join our Certified Partner Training Day and reveal other firm owners how they can reach 6-figures in a couple of months. Utilizing the technique you simply check out in this post, we understand you can pull it off too.

Run your group through these concerns and determine how you can include offerings that your customers are currently requesting for.

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