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Join Us for a Free, In-Depth Workshop to Improve Your Sales Skills

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At Copyblogger, we love to teach! We really have a great time teaching copywriting, content strategy, search engine optimization, social media strategy … The one thing we don’t teach? Selling. Because it’s not what we’re fantastic at. Fortunately, we found someone who is fantastic at it, without being … a creepy weirdo. (There, I said Read More…

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Who Should Be in Charge of Producing Content?

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Who Should Be in Charge of Producing Content?

When it comes to creating content, most companies leave it entirely to a small team to manage everything. What those companies may not realize, though, is that there’s a two-in-one benefit that accompanies engaging your entire organization in the content creation process: Your content quality skyrockets, and so does employee satisfaction.

At PowerPost, each employee is tasked with writing upward of four content pieces a month. The content must be relevant, accurate, and offer a distinct point of view. And it’s this third point that has become an unintended (yet pleasant) surprise.

We’ve found that, through content creation, many of our employees have unleashed untapped potential and found what they’re passionate about. Some of our more reserved employees discovered an outlet to express their viewpoints, and that helped drive their confidence and career acceleration. And the employees who were already known for their strong opinions were able to build their online reputations with our platform.

Organization-wide content creation is so important to us, we even created a program for it called Novice to Master. Each employee starts at the “novice” level, and as she improves her skills, she’s rewarded with a higher ranking and other benefits related to title and compensation. Once an employee reaches the level of “master,” she’s been published nationally or has received industry accolades for her work.

A Win-Win Scenario

When employees actively participate in the content creation process, it benefits the employees and the company.

For the company, the process tackles the most common content marketing challenges. Among business-to-business content marketers, about 60 percent cite trouble producing consistent, engaging content. Drumming up a variety of content plagues another 35 percent. And with 75 percent of marketers increasing their spending on content marketing, we can see that content is an increasingly valued tool for gathering leads and revenue.

For employees, it sends them a “we’re all in this together” vibe, assuring them that their ideas are being heard and that everyone is rooting for one another’s success. It also creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and admiration, and friendly competition is born as team members work to outperform one another with the content that receives the most attention.

We’ve also seen team members who were not at all excited to begin their writing journeys, but they blossomed into prolific writers with authentic and powerful perspectives. These instances have been life-changing for employees, and they’ve proven to everyone else that we have a culture built on making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

When employees actively participate in content creation, both employees and the company benefit.
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Creating a Plan of Action

While the importance of getting everyone involved in creating content can’t be emphasized enough, that doesn’t mean you should simply jump right in without giving it a second thought.

To ensure you and your employees are getting the most out of the process, it should be implemented properly, and awards should be attached to it. For starters, compensation and annual reviews should be linked to content quality, but there are other steps to keep in mind before integrating a program like this into your organization.

1. Start on day one.

Make sure employees know what’s expected of them from the very start by introducing the concept of content creation on day one. Encourage them to experiment with different forms of content—including social media, video, blogging, short- and long-form writing, etc.—so they can get their feet wet and decide which types are most appealing.

The key in this stage is to reward effort over quantity. Creating minimum requirements will lead to a “content farm” feeling, which is a great way to suck the passion out of content creation. A mission statement and editorial guidelines will also help ensure integrity and efficiency, as well as give new writers a place to start if they feel stuck.

2. Leverage your calendar.

One of the trickier aspects of getting your entire organization involved in creating content is scheduling all of it. You’ll want a steady flow of content across all of your channels, including your company blog and social platforms.

To do this in the most efficient way, establish an editorial calendar. At PowerPost, we use software as a service, in calendar form, to track all of our content. The tool also has built-in editorial and grammar safeguards to prevent anything unprofessional from slipping through the cracks.

Your calendar doesn’t have to just track your scheduled posts; you can use it to brainstorm content ideas, plan themes, and organize content across all of your different platforms, too. When you have everything together in one place, it’s far easier to manage content created by dozens of writers.

3. Build confidence.

Appreciation and acknowledgment go a long way in boosting confidence and improving employee morale, and creating content is a great way to show off your team members’ writing skills and unique points of view.

As our novice employees grow as writers, they eventually increase both the quantity and depth of their content output, which, in turn, maximizes their growth. Then, once they become masters, they’re recognized both internally and within their industry as legitimate thought leaders with sought-after opinions.

Regardless of a writer’s skill level, this approach helps build a community out of an organization. Employees feel their contributions really do matter and that they’ll be recognized for their hard work and growth.

The Key to Distribution

As all content marketers know, content creation is only half the battle; distribution is an entirely different beast that requires a different set of skills. A sophisticated distribution strategy must be thoughtfully implemented and executed, and various platforms are built specifically to help tackle these tasks.

PowerPost does just that, and this type of software allows content professionals to automate content curation, distribution, and analytics with minimal effort. Social media use is growing, and it’s more important than ever to reach customers on these social platforms. With the help of automation software, you can plan and schedule posts across each of your channels, so your main focus remains creating quality content and becoming a power publisher.

Content creation isn’t easy—even for the professionals—so it makes sense that many companies choose to leave it to the experts. But by getting your entire team involved, you’re positioning your brand as a leader in your industry while simultaneously helping employees learn, grow, and feel like valuable members of the team.

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Your favorite Facebook group could start charging for premium access

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Facebook Groups subscriptions

Facebook Groups have long been a way for people to connect, share information, and organize community events. Some Facebook groups have exploded into huge, million-plus person, sub-group filled behemoths, and they can be difficult to manage and moderate. To help these groups—and potentially eventually offer Facebook a new means of revenue—the social network is piloting paid subscription groups.

Group administrators will be able to charge members anywhere from $4.99 to $29.99 to access exclusive sub-groups that offer premium services or information. It’s an interesting move. Until now, Facebook groups have always been free to use—the only exclusivity factor was whether a group would accept you as a member or not. Now, groups can further separate posts, events, and information not just between members and non-members, but between regular members and paying members.

For your average neighborhood parents group or industry networking outlet, a paid subgroup may not make much sense. However, there are some groups that want to offer premium services and others backed by brands or celebrities that may want to monetize their Facebook following.

Facebook is testing the idea out with a small number of groups first, such as college prep group Grown and Flown Parents: College Admissions and Affordability; home tidying group Declutter My Home; and weekly meal plan group Meal Planning Central Premium.


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Declutter My Home is creating an “Organize My Home” group that costs $14.99 a month. The Grown and Flown Parents group, meanwhile, is offering a $29.99 a month College Admissions group that gives direct access to college counselors. For these premium subscriptions, the group offers a description of what the subscription offers and specific things members will get out of it, along with a button to join the group.

For now, Facebook won’t be taking a cut of subscription fees, but if you subscribe on iOS or Android, their respective app stores will take a cut.

H/T The Verge

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Instagram vs YouTube with their new IGTV

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Instagram difficulties YouTube with IGTV, a brand-new app for developers

#instagramtv  Twitter  Facebook

Instagram is buckling down about challenging YouTube.

Today, the business revealed IGTV , Instagram’s brand-new effort that lets users produce standalone video channels for longform video.

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IGTV is releasing now as a standalone app for iOS and Android and will likewise be offered in the primary Instagram app.

Unlike YouTube, IGTV is simply for full-screen, vertical videos. Like YouTube, the service is open to anybody who desires to make a devoted channel. Users can follow channels and engage with video developers by means of remarks.

” This is truly an advancement of our objective from the first day,” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom stated at a press occasion in San Francisco. Read more …

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How to begin utilizing IGTV, Instagram’’ s long-form video app

 IGTV: Kevin Systrom onstage in San Francisco

At an occasion in San Francisco on Wednesday, Instagram revealed the current endeavor for its image and video-centric social networks platform: IGTV, a brand-new location for long-form video. Here’’ s whatever you have to understand about it.

.Exactly what is IGTV?

IGTV is created for enjoying long-form vertical video from your preferred Instagram developers, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom stated. The center, which will be offered as part of the primary Instagram app starting today and as a standalone iOS and Android app in the coming days, intends to develop on the updates Instagram has actually made considering that it initially presented video 5 years back in 2013.

According to Instagram, teenagers are viewing 40 percent less TELEVISION than they utilized to however are significantly seeing video on their phones. That video typically isn’’ t developed for the smart device experience. It’’ s horizontal, and it ’ s hard to find brand-new material. Instagram wants to target those discomfort points by making IGTV vertical video-only and by highlighting material from developed developers and brand names.


How to repost on Instagram The finest concealed functions on Instagram Who has the most fans on Instagram? How to utilize Instagram video: hacks, pointers, and techniques How does IGTV work?

IGTV videos begin playing immediately as quickly as you open the app. It will immediately pull material from individuals you currently follow, so there’’ s no have to hunt for videos you may take pleasure in. You can find something brand-new by swiping up to change to another video or select from one of 4 areas: ““ For You,” “” “ Following, ” “ Continue Watching, ” and “ Popular. ” You can likewise follow particular developers in the app for their uploads to be placed into your suggestions.

As with Instagram Stories and posts, you can like, share, and discuss videos. You can likewise send them to buddies through Instagram Direct.

.How do utilize IGTV.

 exactly what is agtv Instagram

You will have the ability to view IGTV videos one of 2 methods. The very first is by tapping a brand-new icon in the upper right of the primary Instagram app that will take you to IGTV. The icon looks just like a TELEVISION screen and is located beside the Instagram Direct paper plane icon.

The 2nd is through a standalone IGTV iOS or Android app. Due to the fact that of the method individuals tend to utilize Instagram, Instagram chose to go with a different standalone app for this experience.

““ In all of our research study, exactly what we found out was when individuals check out feed they wear’’ t wish to stop and view a 10-minute video,” ” Systrom stated. “ It makes the experience cumbersome. We made it a different area and devoted app you can tap on it and take pleasure in video and capture up with buddies.” ”

. Who can share videos on IGTV?

While IGTV will definitely be a location where brand names and prominent developers (or influencers) can share longer, YouTube – design video material, Instagram isn’’ t restricting its broadcasts to those accounts.

At launch, Instagram has actually partnered with a handful of its leading developers to develop material for the brand-new platform. Once the standalone app lands in the App Store and on Google Play, anybody will be able to submit videos. Instagram doesn’’ t have any strategies to begin producing initial material of its own for the platform; the app will be occupied completely by video uploads from users.

If you wish to share an Instagram Live video to the app, there is no cross-posting ability at the minute. You’’ ll need to download your Live video from the primary Instagram app, then re-upload it to IGTV.


How to publish longer videos to Instagram The simple method to conserve your preferred Instagram videos 5 easy methods to repost Instagram videos Can you inform if somebody is taking a look at your Instagram? How long can IGTV videos be?

IGTV videos can be approximately 60 minutes long, however at first, just a choose variety of users will have the ability to publish videos that long. All users will have the ability to publish videos approximately 10 minutes in length. Ultimately, nevertheless, everybody will have the ability to publish videos as much as an hour long.

 how does igtv work Instagram

Can you generate income through IGTV?

Systrom states that IGTV will be totally ad-free to begin, however advertisements are ““ undoubtedly a really affordable location to wind up.” ” Instagram isn ’ t straight paying developers– and unlike YouTube, it doesn’’ t yet have a revenue-sharing contract in location—– however it’’ s something the app prepares to think about in the future.

Instagram now has 1 billion worldwide users, so developers possibly have a lucrative and substantial audience to use.

The IGTV app is presenting worldwide over the next couple of weeks.

Need more assistance? Here’’ s the best ways to repost on Instagram , the best ways to post longer videos to Instagram , the simple method to save Instagram videos , and the easy method to include music to your Instagram videos . You can likewise download full-resolution Instagram pictures .


If you ’ re wanting to spice things up’, here are some ideas for Instagram flirting and ways to discover pornography on Instagram ( and directions on the best ways to clear your search history ). If you ’ re sensation petty, here ’ s the best ways to inform if somebody obstructed you on Instagram and see all individuals who unfollowed you . You can likewise detach Facebook from Instagram or unclog somebody . For more ideas, see our supreme novice ’ s overview of Instagram .


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From Dorm Room to World Domination!

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Robert Galbraith

Mark Zuckerberg simply turned 34 years of ages. Here are 33 images of Facebook’s increase from a Harvard dormitory to world dominance. (FB)

 mark zuckerberg, facebook, sv100 2015 Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Facebook is a traditional Silicon Valley success story: It’s gone from a concept hatched in a Harvard dormitory to among the most prominent and effective business on the planet.

Mark Zuckerberg, its CEO and creator, commemorated his 34th birthday on Monday —– and, as CNBC computes , he has actually made approximately $6 million for each day he’s lived up until now.

Indeed, nowadays, Facebook deserves around $536 billion, and more than 2.2 billion individuals utilize its social media monthly.

Here’s the story behind Facebook’s ridiculous increase from February 2004 through today.

Spoiler alert: It includes a great deal of beer.

.Facebook got its start at Harvard’s Kirkland House dorm room. Wallace Shawn Wikimedia Commons.

That’s the very same dormitory where Wallace Shawn, who played Vizzini in “The Princess Bride” and the voice of Rex in “Toy Story,” lived throughout his Harvard years.

.In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg, then a sophomore at Harvard, constructed a site called Facemash. Robert Galbraith Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg.

” Facemash” was a Not-style or hot website. Zuckerberg utilized images of his schoolmates that he hacked from the school administration’s dorm ID files. The website got 22,000 pageviews from 450 individuals in the very first 4 hours it was up.

A couple of days later on, Harvard bought it to be removed, mentioning copyright and security issues. Zuckerberg dealt with disciplinary action from Harvard however was enabled to remain at the school.

.Undeterred by the Facemash fiasco, Zuckerberg introduced “Thefacebook” on February 4, 2004. social media monthly Wikipedia See the remainder of the story at Business Insider

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Wallace Shawn Robert Galbraith social media monthly Wallace Shawn Robert Galbraith social media monthly