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Best of Perpetual Traffic—The 10 Most Popular Episodes

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If you’ve been running Facebook advertisements as long as Molly Pittman and Ralph Burns, you understand simply just how much the platform and techniques have actually altered for many years.

And if you have actually been listening to Perpetual Traffic, the weekly paid traffic podcast produced by DigitalMarketer, for the last 4 years, then you would likewise remain in the understand. Due To The Fact That Perpetual Traffic now has * gasp * 200 episodes on the subject!

Ralph and Molly have actually been notifying their listeners about the happenings at the leading edge of digital marketing because 2015 (yeah, you heard that right). And with almost 4.5 million downloads, it’s safe to state that the listeners are seeing a great ROI of their time.

To commemorate crossing the 200 marker , we took a dive into our archives and gathered the 10 most popular episodes of PT. Whether you’’ re listening to these 10 for the very first time or uncovering them, you’’ ll discover a wealth of paid traffic knowledge therein.

And do not forget to take a look at Episode 200 HERE !

A Few Words from the Hosts.

But prior to we dive into the episodes, our hosts had a couple of words of thanks that they wished to share.

Molly Pittman.

” Ralph and I are so fired up to commemorate episode 200 of Perpetual Traffic. Thank you to our listeners and everybody behind the scenes who strives to make this podcast occur. Continuous Traffic is among the most gratifying experiences I’ve had in my life. To be able to assist grow companies and much better the life of our listeners is really an honor. We are dedicated to continue bringing you all the most current, actionable details about digital media purchasing out there. Thanks once again for your assistance.”

Ralph Burns.

” It’’ s hard to think that we’’ ve now done 200 episodes! Thank you to everybody who’’ ve listened to us for many years and for all of those who have actually commented, offered evaluations, and shared their feedback. It implies a lot. It’’ s truly incredible to see the number of individuals and their organisations have actually been touched by this little program we began 4 years earlier. An unique thanks goes to everybody from DigitalMarketer behind the scenes who makes the program possible—– particularly our manufacturer Darren Clarke. We couldn’’ t do it without his technical wizardry, insights, assistance, and assistance. Here’’ s to another 200 episodes!”

.Continuous Traffic’s Most-Popular Episodes. Episode 145: How to Amplify Your Ecommerce Business Using Facebook Ads

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 145

Do you run an ecommerce business?

If so, possibilities are that you’’ re missing out on something. That thing is a holistic system for directing individuals who have actually never ever become aware of you through the purchaser journey to end up being repeat clients.

If you’’ re searching for a system that will bring you more clients while getting rid of squandered advertisement invest, you should listen to today’’ s episode.

. Episode 51: How to Generate Traffic, Leads, and Sales with Social Media

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 51

The Perpetual Traffic professionals are signed up with by Jennifer Sheahan, creator at The Social Guild , to go over how you can develop a flourishing social networks company. Social platforms are effective traffic generators, however you need to understand what to do and how to do them. Any person can get Likes and engagement. Traffic, leads, and sales come when you follow a procedure, and that’’ s what we ’ re going to talk about today.

. Episode 150: 3 Facebook Funnels to Drive More High-Ticket Leads

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 150

Special visitor Oli Billson signs up with the specialists to teach you 3 Facebook funnels that begin discussions with the potential customers who desire your services—– on the platform they’’ re more than likely to react and check out on.

These funnels produce high-ticket leads whether you’’ re a physical, SaaS, web online marketer, or anybody else who requires to have a discussion with their client.

Episode 33: The Advertisement Grid: How to Build Campaigns that Convert and Scale

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 33

Fresh off of Traffic &&Conversion Summit 2016, Molly is sharing her 7-step system for project and marketing method production.

In this episode, Molly and Keith will stroll through her T&C discussion and how she’’ s developed and used this system within DigitalMarketer’’ s own method.


( NOTE: Need an assisting hand with your digital marketing efforts? Or perhaps you simply desire tested, actionable marketing methods, design templates, and tools to carry out in your organisation? Check out the current offer from DigitalMarketer, and you will be on your method to assisting your service grow.)

Episode 132: 3 Steps to Build a Perpetual Traffic Machine

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 132

Brand based marketing is vital to running an effective long-lasting marketing method.

In reality, it’’ s among the 3 foundations of the ““ BCS Triangle ” we ’ re going to reveal you’in today ’ s episode. Carry out the BCS system in your service, and you’’ ll have the ability to trigger the 90% of your market that a lot of marketers miss out on and develop a continuous traffic maker.

Episode 14: Frank Kern on Selling High-Dollar Products and Services with Paid Traffic Campaigns

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 14

Are you making deals that need an in-person conference or consultative sales call?

Frank Kern signs up with the Perpetual Traffic team (Keith, Molly, and Ralph) to expose his 3-tiered system for developing paid traffic projects that offer high priced services and items.

Episode 158: How Molly Pittman Generated 157,362 Leads from 1 Facebook Campaign

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 158

157,362 leads produced. In 8 weeks. For simply $1.08 per lead. All from 1 Facebook project!

Join the specialists as they share the specific technique Molly utilized to attain these outcomes … and how you can use it to your next Facebook advertising campaign.

We break down whatever—– the research study procedure, how the advertisement sets were established, how Molly took full advantage of the importance rating, why advertisement sets were gotten rid of or enhanced, and what the arise from the project were.

If you wish to enhance how you’’ re handling your own Facebook advertising campaign, get a note pad and tune into this episode.

Episode 43: Ryan Deiss Shares 4 Steps to Crafting and Optimizing the Perfect Offer

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 43

Ryan Deiss, co-founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, and the Perpetual Traffic team break down how to produce a deal that individuals in fact wish to purchase.

Follow the 4-Step procedure to get the most significant take advantage of indicate turn a losing project into a winning project –– without being the Don Draper of copy writing or needing to alter your bidding or targeting.

Episode 147: The 4 Pillars of Advertising on Google

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 147

If you’’ re marketing on Facebook however’not on Google, you ’ re losing out on a big chance. If you run a product-based organisation.),( Especially

After all, if somebody sees an item they like, what’’ s the very first thing they ’ re going to do? (Hint: Google it.)


Join the professionals and visitor Brett Curry as they dive into the 4 pillars of marketing on Google so you can take advantage of Google’’ s marketing platform and reach your possible clients. You’’ ll discover how to run advertisements not just on Google’’ s online search engine, however likewise on their shopping platform, their screen network, and the pre-roll video advertisements on YouTube.

Episode 49: Boosted Posts: Microtargeting and Other Advanced Uses of Facebook’’ s “ Easy Button ” .

 Perpetual Traffic Episode 49

Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer at BlitzMetrics, signs up with the Perpetual Traffic specialists to talk about why keeping it easy on Facebook can go a long method for your company. We’’ re going to speak about improving posts, and why they are your support. Increased posts work for B2B, for small companies, for business owners, for freelancers, for experts, and online marketers on a little spending plan.

For anybody that’’ s ever believed they put on’’ t have the tools, or the audience, or the resources to promote on Facebook, this is the episode that will assist you start.

( NOTE: Need an assisting hand with your digital marketing efforts? Or possibly you simply desire tested, actionable marketing design templates, methods, and tools to carry out in your organisation? Check out the current offer from DigitalMarketer, and you will be on your method to assisting your organisation grow.)

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The Future of Content Marketing and How to Adapt: Trends, Tactics, and Tools

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Digital content marketing has been growing fast for the past decade.

Every major brand is online now, trying to engage more and more customers with their content, and for a good reason. Content marketing was long known for its (comparatively) lower up-front costs and diverse long-term benefits.

As a result, content marketing has become the major digital marketing tactic, with over 90% of B2B and nearly 90% of B2C marketers admitting to use be including content in each of their marketing campaign.

This steady growth in popularity is bringing forward several important outcomes:

Content creation is quickly exceeding content demand. You may have noticed that: There’s a solid amount of content already created for any possible question you may have
Consumers are being spoiled: They have access to more content they possibly need. It’s getting harder and harder to surprise or engage them
It’s getting harder to compete with bigger content marketing budgets. The more that big brands start building content in your niche, the higher the content standards, and the more your target audience expects from any content they come across

So what’s the future of content marketing? Is it dying?

Certainly not. The great thing about digital marketing is that ingenuity and creativity can always win over big marketing budgets.

Here are 3 content marketing trends (that we already see happening) and how to use them to your advantage.

3 Important Content Marketing Trends
1. Content Collaboration

Content collaboration is one of the most welcome marketing trends out there. In 2019 and beyond, content connects and bridges the gaps. It’s a beautiful concept.

Content collaboration means working with other people (inside and/or outside your company) on creating and marketing your content asset.

Collaboration is a possible answer to most of your content marketing struggles:

It allows you to save on content creation and marketing (and compete with higher budgets). If you focus on the relationship building aspect of it, you’ll be able to find content collaborators who’ll be happy to help you for free
Collaboration lets you discover more unique angles and formats you wouldn’t have thought possible if you were the single person working on it.

Here are possible examples of content collaboration:

Engaging your non-marketing employees and various departments in content brainstorming and marketing (for example, customer support team). One of the most publicized examples of this tactic working extremely well is “Made the Johnsonville Way” video campaign, 100% created by the company’s employees.
Including influencers in your content. One of the best examples of influencer-driven content out there is Moz’s Ranking Factors, which includes lots of industry influencers who were not only featured as contributors, but were also able to provide their unique comments on each ranking factor they were voting for. Remember, this is your unique content that’s also highly trusted, since it came from notable experts in the industry:

Search engine ranking factors from 2015

There are lots of platforms and tools being launched these days to meet this need for advanced marketing collaboration.

ContentCal is one solid example that allows you to include your whole team in the content planning and marketing process via its 2 main features:

“Campaigns”: allowing you to create content briefs that your whole team can access (and contribute to)
“Pinboard”: allowing your whole team to contribute to your brand social media channels (with the extra quality assurance layer to ensure consistent brand voice)

Showing the cooperative content marketing options from ContentCal

2. Question Optimization

There used to be a huge gap between content creation and optimization: Writers were forced to build content around “keyword strings,” set phrases that we needed to include in a copy a certain number of times.

Apart from somewhat killing creativity, this approach had another big issue: Keywords de-humanize writing. It’s too easy to forget that there are actual people typing those keywords in the search box.

Google’s algorithm evolution is quickly putting an end to this outdated optimization tactic. Google no longer focuses on keyword strings. It can now evaluate each query’s context and intent.

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To accommodate the new algorithm, we are finally moving away from keyword-matching content and learning to build more in-depth content that actually adds value. This is bringing another great marketing trend: Question optimization.

There are many important reasons to build content that answers niche questions:

Questions are closer to natural language than keywords, so they make your content much more optimized for voice search
Google understands and features questions. Notice all those “People Also Ask” and “Featured Snippets” search elements where Google features pages that do the best job answering search queries.
Questions are easier to relate to: You are able to clearly see the problem your target customer is facing and can provide solutions in your content

Showing the People Also Ask dropdown on GoogleBuild content that answers questions and provides solutions.

There are lots of tools that allow you to research popular questions, but the one I tend to recommend using is Text Optimizer which is a semantic analysis tool.

This tool:

Uses Google’s search snippets to extract related terms and concepts
Identifies popular questions around any topic and helps you optimize content to provide best answers

Graphic showing the related questions that people search for

More sources of niche question research include:

Your customer support and sales teams (again, collaborate with them on creating content)
Social media (especially Twitter comments)
Quora, Reddit, and Amazon Q&A sections
Online reviews and discussion boards, etc.

(NOTE: Need a helping hand with your digital marketing efforts? Or maybe you just want proven, actionable marketing tools, tactics, and templates to implement in your business? Check out the latest deal from DigitalMarketer, and you will be on your way to helping your business grow.)

Another solid tool to mention here is Serpstat’s clustering feature that allows you to discover related questions and group large lists of keywords/questions by meaning. If you use multiple sources for question research, Serpstat allows you to come up with content ideas that cover multiple questions and thus helps you rank for a variety of them:

Showing the content marketing strategy of keyword clustering with Serpstat

You can read more on how to use clustering here.

3. Content Personalization

Dynamic personalization is another trend that is making its way into the marketing industry, despite all the growing privacy concerns.

Marketing personalization means customizing the web experience for each particular user.

Personalization is not segmenting (which means providing a customized experience to an identified group of web users).

Through personalized product and content suggestions, Amazon and Netflix have been providing customized user experience for ages. BigCommerce has found that younger generations of US-based consumers rely heavily on Artificial-Intelligence-powered personalized product recommendations and personalized social media ads when making shopping decisions online.

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These days, personalization is expected from your brand. It also helps brands catch their customers’ attention in this era of information overload.

When it comes to content, dynamic personalization is more doable than you may think. Here are 2 ways you can easily personalize your content now:

Personalize in-content calls-to-action

Personalized CTAs have been found to increase on-page interactions by 202%. Hubspot’s Smart CTA is a great tool to help with this. Of all personalization settings, I find these the most useful:

Personalize your CTA by using your list contact’s first name
Show visitors your customized CTA based on how they found your content

How to create a smart CTA for your content marketing

Personalize in-content product recommendations with Alter

Alter is a marketing personalization platform that uses non-personal data they collect across the web to target your content to each web user better:

graphic showing how personalized product recommendations work

Alter is very easy to set up: You don’t need any technical knowledge, and it also provides you with some basic reports so you know how the personalized experience is being served to your site users. You can use it to customize your in-content CTAs, banners, or product recommendations.

Monitor your on-page engagement closely!

Finally, if you want your personalization tactics to succeed, you need to closely monitor how your audience is reacting to the personalized experience. Finteza is the free analytics software focusing on monitoring and reporting on specific on-page events.

image of conversion monitoring for personalized CTA's

Set up conversion monitoring for each personalized CTA you have created to better monitor the engagement.

Moving Forward: How to Prepare?

These are by no means ALL of the content marketing trends that are already happening right now. Likewise, these are not ALL the tools you may want to play with. The purpose of this article wasn’t creating an ultimate resource—which is hardly possible anyway, because content marketing keeps evolving as we speak.

What I did want to achieve with this article is to show you that evolution is good, and there’s no need to be intimidated by change. Technology is evolving, our audience is changing, and our competitors are always moving forward too. These are all challenges we have to be dealing with, but these challenges also bring new opportunities.

To adapt to any change and get ahead of your competition, always be ready to explore new tools and experiment with new things (including content formats and tactics).

Good luck!

(NOTE: Need a helping hand with your digital marketing efforts? Or maybe you just want proven, actionable marketing tools, tactics, and templates to implement in your business? Check out the latest deal from DigitalMarketer, and you will be on your way to helping your business grow.)

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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Retargeting Your Email Subscribers on Facebook

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When I was a kid, my mom taught me how to recycle or repurpose the important things we had rather of simply constantly purchasing something brand-new.

For example, rather of purchasing shoe cleaner for my white tennis shoes, I might clean them with an old tooth brush and tooth paste (seriously attempt it, it works).

Not just did this practice conserve us loan, however it assisted teach me about the worth of things. It can be so simple to fall under the non reusable cycle of our contemporary world. A lot of things have a much longer and flexible life than we offer them credit for.

And the exact same kind of thinking can be used to marketing too.

.Recycling Your Email List.

Marketing methods , products, and items shouldn’’ t be seen with the one-and-done frame of mind, and there are many methods you can utilize one element of your marketing to assist numerous various techniques.

For example, rather of investing a lots of loan checking out a brand-new target market on a Facebook Advertisement project, attempt utilizing your existing e-mail list to retarget your advertisements to. This uses your existing possibility or consumer base. That method you will develop authority, revitalize interest with your services or product, and produce chances for those who currently like what you do to share your service.

You can assist make certain your e-mail customers aren’t missing your message by retargeting them on Facebook.

And doing this is simple. All you need to do is utilize the Facebook Business Manager to publish your present e-mail list and develop Custom Audiences that you can then reveal your advertisements to specifically. This produces an exceptionally warm, target market for your projects which can be an overall goldmine for paid marketing ROI.

Here are the actions to do this:

 In Facebook Business Manager, simply choose produce a custom-made audience, and after that choose Customer File as the source.

In Facebook Business Manager, simply choose produce a custom-made audience, and after that choose Customer File as the source.

 Then you wish to utilize a file that consists of the consumer life time worth (LTV). From there you will include your file of e-mail customers.

Then you wish to utilize a file that consists of the consumer life time worth (LTV). From there you will include your file of e-mail customers.

 For the consumer worth column, you will wish to choose e-mail address as the LTV, and after that pick all other fields too for LTV under Preview and Map Your Data.

For the client worth column, you will wish to choose e-mail address as the LTV, and after that pick all other fields also for LTV under Preview and Map Your Data.

And then you are all set!

The method it operates in a nutshell is, when you submit the e-mail list, Facebook will look for all of the user profiles that match the e-mails in your list. And if you’’ re questioning what portion of your list will match Facebook profiles, well that can vary from list to list depending upon particular aspects: where you got the list, if they’’ re individual or service e-mails, and so on

But to offer you a ballpark variety, my e-mail lists usually return with 80% or more matches—– and this is a quite basic number.

( NOTE: Not sure where to begin by yourself Facebook advertisements? Download our NEWLY UPDATED Ultimate Facebook Advertisement Template Library totally free ! You can copy and paste these 7 tested Facebook advertising campaign to develop affordable, high-converting advertisements as needed. Get them here .)

 Facebook Advertisement Template Library Lead Magnet

.Why Retarget Email Subscribers on Facebook?

Now, you might be asking yourself: ““ Why worldwide would I wish to invest cash to target individuals I’’ m currently reaching with my e-mails?” ” Here ’ s a couple of reasons this is a big benefit to sticking out in your market:

.# 1. Get in touch with individuals in a more unwinded setting.

Most of us get e-mails while we’’ re at work, and there are a lot of that we put on ’ t have time to read them all. Those who open your e-mails might scan it and conserve or star with the objective of returning later on to click through to your website. Individuals are individuals. We forget things in some cases.

 People will often prevent their inbox to prevent taking a look at work e-mails.

People will often prevent their inbox to prevent taking a look at work e-mails.

And considering that e-mail is mainly job-related, it’’ s not truly created for huge engagement. Facebook, nevertheless, is ideal for that. Individuals normally search their feed in the early mornings, at lunch and at night while in front of the TELEVISION. It is a go-to for scrolling while they’’ re awaiting something to occur (believe moms and dads at soccer practice or awaiting the train) and when they have some downtime.

Since your audience saw your e-mail previously in the day or week, they’’ ll be most likely to keep in mind you when they see your Facebook advertisement turn up in their feed. It may even advise them to return and open that e-mail to act on your deal.

TIP: Make sure that your message in the advertisement is the exact same, or really comparable, to the message in your e-mails. This makes certain your consumers understand who you are and is currently primed to follow through.

.# 2 Always remain in front of those you wish to get in touch with.

On average, marketing messages require to be seen by potential purchasers numerous times prior to they’’ ll choose to do something about it—– this is called the ““ guideline of 7, ” a term created by Dr. Jeffrey Lant .


Since the typical tech associated buyer utilizes more than 14 sources of info to reach their choice to purchase, you wish to be seen on numerous platforms.


 eBags email and include copy

Make sure you keep your messaging constant—– this advertisement and e-mail have 3 various sale quantities.

Using e-mail AND Facebook marketing assists increase the frequency that they see you; so not just will they observe you, however they will (ideally) remember you when they are buying choice. That’’ s where the sweet area is!

.# 3 Your business will appear big and your reach broad.

There’’ s an amusing thing that takes place when individuals see your company marketing in several social channels: it appears like your service is all over. You may not get a lot of traffic to your company’’ s Facebook page, individuals these days anticipate that you have one, and that you are active on the platform.

Additionally, with great retargeting advertisements appearing all over the location, lots of people will presume you need to be investing a great deal of marketing dollars to reach them. This makes it appear like your organisation is really effective and/or big, because you have the time, workforce, and loan for many advertisements. They may likewise presume that everybody, not simply themselves, is seeing these advertisements, because Facebook is such a huge marketing area.

All of these presumptions assist to develop your authority.

But think what … you wear’’ t need to invest lots of loan to get this sort of reach online. For simply a couple of dollars a day, you can reach your whole e-mail list daily on Facebook. Not bad?

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When your organisation looks bigger, you’’ ll likewise develop trust with your consumers (existing and prospective), given that you exist prepared to provide the details they desire and are revealing them items they currently like (presuming they are currently knowledgeable about your items).

.# 4 Look-alike audiences are fantastic for reach.

But the advantages put on’’ t end with simply engaging your existing audience. Part of the appeal of this technique is that you can link to countless individuals who have comparable interests, demographics, acquiring practices, and online activity as your existing clients.

After publishing your e-mail list to Facebook and producing that very first Custom Audience to target, you can likewise produce a ““ look-alike audience”. ” A look-alike audience is consisted of other Facebook users that have comparable interests and requires to your present audience.

This is among the most effective tools in digital marketing today. This is among the most convenient methods to reach brand-new individuals, especially if you have a strong, engaged consumer base in your e-mail list.

 Showing how to produce appearance alike audience on Facebook

It’’ s undoubtedly excellent to retarget your present fans however having the capability to broaden your audience based upon that particular group might be the distinction in between doubling or tripling your ROI.

Now that you have all the details, and thinking, on retargeting your e-mail list, it’’ s time to act. Publish your list and release a Facebook project that mirrors your next e-mail. If you can get back at 20% more ROI from the project as an outcome, then that’’ s a big win. Put on ’ t’be amazed if it ’ s much greater. And if it is, you can purchase me a beer as a thanks. I’’ m a low-cost date.

( NOTE: Not sure where to get going by yourself Facebook advertisements? Download our NEWLY UPDATED Ultimate Facebook Advertisement Template Library totally free ! You can copy and paste these 7 tested Facebook advertising campaign to develop inexpensive, high-converting advertisements as needed. Get them here .)

 Facebook Advertisement Template Library Lead Magnet

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