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All the Google Search Console & SEO KPIs in One Place: the cognitiveSEO Dashboard


As a group of marketing and designers, we like development and constantly flourish to use the very best user experience. We’re not almost producing brand-new tools, however likewise enhancing and discovering brand-new methods to adjust to our users’ requirements. We like to produce options to resolve all the restrictions of the existing toolset and fill in spaces.

Given the reality that Google Search Console, the tool that assists you determine your website’s Search traffic and efficiency, is such an utilized tool by our users, we needed to include it within the cognitiveSEO Dashboard. No more changing in between tools, no more losing time and comparing information in between tabs or downloaded files. Google Search Console is now part of the cognitiveSEO toolset.

 cognitiveSEO-Searhc Console Integration

Therefore, from now on you’ll have all the marketing KPIs in one location. You have all the tools and info in a single window to develop much better reports and have a larger view of whatever that occurs with a site. After Google Analytics , is time for Google Search Console to sign up with the cognitiveSEO household.

The Importance of Google Search Console Integration Keep Track of Your Most Important Website Performance Metrics Combine Search Console Metrics and Analytics with the cognitiveSEO Data Get an Overview of Your Website’’ s Performance Including All the KPIs . Personalize Your Reports Based on the Metrics that Interest You Most ..1. The Importance of Google Search Console Integration.

You can make much better service choices and enhance your existence online following the information you get on your control panel. Produce connections and cross-check your information through Google and cognitiveSEO. You can keep an eye on the most crucial Google Search Console information and, together with the Google Analytics combinations and the information you get within cognitiveSEO, you can produce among the most extensive reports.

 general control panel

The details you get within cognitiveSEO is distinct and assists you have a summary of your site from a various viewpoint. The outcome is easy: no more losing time and a method much better site management.

..2. Keep an eye on Your Most Important Website Performance Metrics.

The brand-new Google Search Console combination reunites all the essential marketing KPIs in one location and keeps you upgraded of any modification. When you have actually licensed your Google Search Console account you’ll have the ability to track a great deal of metrics in the cognitiveSEO Dashboard.

Form pie charts to tables, the most essential information will be shown straight in your cognitiveSEO account. You can make great deals of mixes due to the high level of customization offered by the widgets. And essentially, the very same information you’re seeing within your Search Console account, can be seen straight within cognitiveSEO. Pretty cool?

 Google Search Console widgets

Almost all the information that you can see within the Search Console can be included on the cognitiveSEO control panel. For a much better understanding, let’s search through some metrics from Search Console and see how we can monitor them within our SEO toolset.

 develop your control panel button

..Total Web, Image or Video Performance.

You’ve most likely heard time and time once again that efficiency matters which the initial step in enhancing your site is determining it.

But what web efficiency metrics should you take note of? Well, it depends. While there are some universal web efficiency metrics that nearly everybody must track, the metrics that matter most to you might differ based upon your market or organisation objectives. And this is why we wish to provide you the possibility of including as numerous metrics as possible from Page Speed, Google Analytics, Google Search Console.

Metrics are not one size fits all.

 general web efficiency

One of the most popular chart from Search Console, the efficiency one, can now be included within cognitiveSEO. You can see the speed of your clicks, impressions, click-through- rate or typical position at a video, web or image level. Obviously, you can pick the time period you wish to see the information for, remembering that this Google tool permits you to see information from the last 16 months.

Keep in mind that for a much better analysis, the overall variety of clicks, impressions and typical CTR, and position you have the possibility of including 2 kinds of chart: a numerical one and a pattern one.

 averages google search console

But let’s have a look at these metrics a bit more granular.

..Overall Number of Clicks.

Intuitively, the overall variety of clicks tracks the variety of individuals that clicked a page from your site in SERP. It generally counts the number of individuals visit your site and it offers you signs of your site’s traffic. You can see the development of your entire site’s clicks in the search results. This chart is adjustable and enables you to pick:

.the search type: web, image, video;.reload time: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours;.the amount of time you wish to see the information for..

 video efficiency

Of course, you can modify the chart whenever you pick the duration and desire for display screen, readily available at the bottom of the chart by clicking the ideal and left arrow. There are great deals of durations readily available; it can be 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 1 year, and more, approximately all the time.

..Overall Number of Impressions.

The overall impression chart is an extremely instinctive one: it tracks the quantity of time a user sees your page in Google Search outcomes. Comparable to clicks, impressions determine something: the efficiency of your site material. An impression is a view. When a page of your site shows to a user in the search engine result, after a keyword search, that is one impression. The impressions are counted each time an individual sees your web page, no matter if it’s the very first or the tenth time visitor sees it.

 image efficiency

The chart can be tailored for a particular duration to show the trending line, the reload time and search type. All of these can be included or changed within our newly included Google Search Console widgets.

..Typical CTR (Click-Through Rate).

The typical click-through rate exposes how frequently individuals who see your page in the search results page click it and visit your site. The CTR identifies in some way the worth of your website. The greater your CTR, the much better. Constantly watching on this metric is extremely crucial as it assists you draw some crucial conclusions on your service efficiency: what it works, why it works, what you require to enhance, and so on

But click-through rate and rankings –– do they go together or not? You can have a look at if and how click-through rate effects your Google rankings from this remarkable SEO interview .

 video ctr

.Web Performance by Page and Device.

You understand the stating: all pages are equivalent, however a few of them are more equivalent than others. Be familiar with how your pages are carrying out; which one has the most clicks, impressions? Which one has the least? Which one should you concentrate on less and which one is bringing you the majority of the traffic?

Also, another essential metric you need to concentrate on is how your site is carrying out on numerous gadgets. Everyone understands mobile is on the increase however does this use for your company? Inspect where the majority of your clicks, and for that reason your users, are originating from and begin re-thinking your technique having this information in mind.

 web efficiency by page

 web efficiency by gadget

..3. Integrate the Search Console and Analytics Metrics with the cognitiveSEO Data..

Being able to see information from numerous other tools straight within cognitiveSEO is incredible; yet, the concern stays: how to make the most out of the Google Analytics and Search Console combination and get the very best of both worlds?

There are numerous circumstances where you can integrate the information from all the tools, however permit us to provide simply a few of the circumstances where you can make the most of both cognitiveSEO and the information offered by Google.

.Be familiar with Your SERP Position in Google.

Google’s tool uses you the possibility to inspect your site’s typical position. This chart assists you track the development of the typical position in SERP for the entire site. You require to understand that the information is aggregated by all inquiries. The position worth is the typical position for all searches. For your particular search, your position may be various than the average since of numerous variables, such as your search history, place, and so on.

 typical position

While understanding your typical position can offer you a total concept of how your site is carrying out, understanding the precise positions your site is ranking for, on regional, desktop or mobile, on the keywords you have an interest in, it’s essential.

We advise you integrate the information you receive from the Search Console with the specific SERP positions you receive from the cognitiveSEO Rank Tracker .

 rank tracking cognitiveSEO

Hope you all understand that within cognitiveSEO you can likewise track your rankings on a regional level. With 46% of all searches on Google seeking for regional details, there is no requirement to highlight the significance of tracking your ranks at a regional level.

Pull information from Search Console to have a look at your typical position by nation, examine the nations you are currently ranking in and the ones that you are not however you’re thinking about targeting, and after that make certain to track keywords at a regional level with cognitiveSEO.

 web efficiency by country-cognitiveSEO combination

..Enhance for Your Top Search Queries.

Search inquiries are the words that individuals type into the search box and set off a list of outcomes. The Search Queries table keeps an eye on the inquiries that activate your domain in SERP, so each time somebody look for particular words, the tool draws out the lists.

Looking at the search inquiries list, you can get insight into precisely how users are looking for your kind of service or product and providing you a chance to fine-tune your focus keyword list to reach a more comprehensive audience.

 web efficiency by inquiry

Once you understand what keywords you wish to target and how you are carrying out on those keywords, what you require to do understand is to make certain that your website is well enhanced for that keyword and has high opportunities of ranking for it.

You can utilize the Keyword Tool &&Content Assistant to enhance your site for the specific keywords you wish to rank and ensure you’ll reach to the leading Google SERP.

 content assistant

Once you enhance your pages, your task is not yet done. You require to continuously monitor your development, inspect how your pages are carrying out and watch on what it requires to be enhanced. The Google Analytics combination enables you to do precisely this: continuous monitoring your site’s efficiency. And considering that it’s currently incorporated within the cognitiveSEO marketing control panel , why not utilize it to its complete capabilities?


 develop your control panel button

..4. Get an Overview of Your Website’’ s Performance Including All the KPIs.

Enabling Search Console information in your cognitiveSEO account is a time breaker and a video game changer. Time is extremely essential and making apps more matched for the user is an excellent possession. We comprehend that worth of time and treasure it. That’s why we thought about collecting all the essential KPIs in one location. Lots of users discussed the requirement in their reporting procedure.

Along with Google Analytics, the addition to the tool, Google Search Console combination, is an effective service that enables you to be in control of your site 24/7 without being overwhelmed by great deals of cross-checking platforms, windows, and files.

 summary control panel

Probably, you are currently acquainted with the cognitiveSEO Dashboard; now, you can discover the brand-new Google Search Console widgets right listed below Google Analytics. The Dashboard will look more total and more attractive for your reports and your day to day introduction.

..5. Individualize Your Reports Based on the Metrics that Interest You Most.

I wager you put a great deal of operate in your reports. You can produce more detailed reports that are aesthetically attractive, extremely customized and automated. And you wish to provide first-class information and just the appropriate info. Eliminate the mess and customize your widgets by picking just the classification you’re interested in and use all the filters that you ‘d like.

 Customize cognitiveSEO widgets

You choose what info to show, the time period, the gadget tracked and a lot more. cognitiveSEO makes it really simple to establish each chart and see it the method you desire. You can optimize or reduce your chart, precisely as you want. All of these alternatives are offered in the GSC widget kind cognitiveSEO Dashboard.

cognitiveSEO makes it extremely simple to have all the marketing KPIs in one location, by utilizing the Google Analytics and Google Search Console combination. By licensing the accounts you’ll get a great deal of important information in a single location, developing the most detailed reports.

Now it is much easier to produce totally personalized reports to shock your customers, to examine all the lead to a single location, conserve more time to do other jobs rather of losing time on inspecting the information on numerous platforms, and quickly share the report straight from the cognitiveSEO control panel consisting of all the marketing properties to your customers and employee.

So, what you’re awaiting? Provide this thorough SEO control panel a complimentary shot !

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