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8 Tips For Creating a More Effective Case Study – With Examples

Case research studies surpass basic reviews by offering real-life examples of how your brand name pleased your client’’ s requirements and assisted them achieve their objectives.

An extensive case research study assists you highlight your successes in a manner that will assist your perfect prospective consumer become your next consumer. They assist you program instead of inform potential consumers how you can assist them reach their objectives.

But, producing a strong case research study can be an obstacle. Today, I’ll supply actionable ideas to assist you compose a case research study, offer background details, and determine crucial metrics that will assist your case research study drive conversions.

1. Discuss Someone Your Ideal Customer Can Relate To

Do you understand who your perfect client is ? Make your case research studies about your university clients if it’s somebody in the education market. Make your case research studies about car parts and devices producers if it’s somebody in the vehicle market.

The objective is to guarantee that your case research study will reveal potential clients that you are:

.Comfy in their industry.Undertand their market’s particular needs.Know how to provide their market targeted outcomes.

Think about it on a smaller sized level, such as when you’re checking out a how-to post. The majority of these posts are tailored towards typical readers.

But when you stumble upon a post developed particularly for your requirements (such as internet marketing for the health care market), you are most likely to use the info and comprehend.

The very same opts for case research studies – – individuals who check out lead to their market will seem like the very same technique will work for them.

.2. Inform the Story from Start to Finish.

Storytelling is an effective marketing technique. A terrific case research study will enable somebody to actually learn more about the consumer in the event research study consisting of:

.Who is the sample consumer and what do they do?What were the client’s goals?What were the consumer’s needs?How did you please those requirements and assist the consumer fulfill their objectives?

But do not stop a month or more out. Follow up with the client in the event research study and upgrade your case study a couple of months down the roadway to demonstrate how your services continue to supply long term advantages.

This offers readers the chance to see that your objective is not just to assist with instant requirements, however likewise to guarantee long term outcomes.

.3. Make Your Case Study Easy to Read.

No one likes to check out one substantial piece of text, no matter how fascinating and useful it may be. Case research studies, like article, ought to be simple and scannable to check out.

Be sure to utilize great material format aspects as you would with short articles, article, and copywriting on your site, consisting of:

.HeadersImagesBulleted listsBolded &&italicized text.

In addition to supplying excellent SEO worth for your case research studies page, these formatting aspects will assist your readers (particularly those that like to skim) discover the most vital parts of your case research study and get an excellent impression about what your organization might provide for them.

Consider including multi-media aspects in addition to composed material, such as images, pdfs, and videos to blend it up and make the material more interesting.

.4. Consist Of Real Numbers.

Have you ever checked out case research studies where an organization states they “doubled traffic” for the consumer in their case research study and questioned if that implied they went from 100 to 200 gos to or 10,000 to 20,000 gos to?

Avoid utilizing broad declarations by utilizing clear, direct numbers. This makes your case research study more credible and assists develop rely on your brand name.

You desire your case research study to be as accurate as possible. Rather of stating you doubled their traffic, offer particular, precise numbers and (if possible) genuine evidence in the kind of analytics, charts, or charts information.

 much better case research studies consist of charts and charts

Remember that not everybody is as acquainted with analtyics innovation as you are, so highlight the most importnat pieces of information and offer context to why it matters.

 much better case research studies reveal evidence

This method, the reader can see where the client started and where the consumer wound up with your assistance.

Plus having the image evidence can assist the reader visualize precisely what you may provide for them, making your case research study that a lot more effective.

.5. Speak About Specific Strategies in Your Case Study.

So you doubled a site’s traffic or sales? How did you do it? This is where you offer your services or items just by stating which ones you utilized and how they caused the wanted outcome.

Don’t simply state “our internet marketing services resulted in these outcomes.” Rather, state something like,” A three-month social networks project concentrating on Facebook &&YouTube and five-month of link structure project caused a boost in rankings, plus brand name direct exposure caused these outcomes.”

Don’t fret about distributing your tricks — — the objective is to develop your brand name as a market leader and you require to reveal you understand your things.

.6. Attempt Different Content Formats.

Case research studies do not need to be suited a story type each time. Attempt various kinds of case research studies, such as an interview format where you have your customers respond to the very same concerns discussed earlier about what they do, their requirements, their objectives, and how you satisfied them.

Quoting your client in their own words will make the case research study much more relatable to your perfect client than you informing the story.

Infographics, webinars , and even podcasts can likewise be utilized to highlight case research studies. Do not get stuck in the usual text-only format — — get innovative and see what kind of material your users react to.

Here’s a case research study example from Venngage that utilizes a brochure-style case research study to highlight how Vortex had the ability to grow conversion. (Notice the outcomes area that highlights particular gains.)

7. Attract Different Types of Learners.

While some individuals take pleasure in checking out, others might choose audio, video, or graph of your case research study. Think about taking your text-based case research studies and re-purposing the material as:

.A podcastA YouTube videoAn appealing infographic (such as the one listed below).

The reward with YouTube infographics and videos is that they are simple to share. This implies that your case research study might go even more than simply your own website, resulting in more of your prospective clients learning how they might gain from your services or items.

Case research studies can likewise be embeded in other kinds of material — — such as an ebook, how-to post, or resource guide.

.8. Make Your Case Studies Easy to Find.

What’s the point of having excellent case research studies if nobody will ever read them? Make certain that your case research studies are arranged and simple to discover.

Here’s a couple of examples of excellent case research studies that are simple to discover — — and for that reason, a lot more effective.

Amazon Web Services

AWS supplies case research studies right on their homepage. They likewise make it simple to try to find an-industry particular case research study in production, monetary services, physical fitness, and more.


Drupal supplies case research studies right in their hero image. Users thinking about utilizing their option do not need to look far at all to see how other brand names are discovering success with Drupal.


A terrific case research study begins with case research study research study. Ask your consumers to complete a brief type that highlights how you assisted them reach their objectives — — make certain to request particular outcomes.

Explain how the case research study will assist them by increasing brand name awareness and link chances. Keep in mind, a extremely efficient case research study assists both you and your customer develop trust and reach a broader audience.

Have any case research study finest practice ideas or examples of case research studies you have delighted in? Please share them in the remarks!

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