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7 Advanced Facebook Search Operators

Facebook may have begun as a method to link university student, however today it is a full-fledged online search engine, similar to Google or Bing. The social networks giant’s increase to online search engine status consists of the addition of innovative functions, like Facebook search operators.

What are Facebook search operators, and why should you appreciate them?

Search operators are an effective tool for filtering search engine result, however they likewise have actually included advantages for online marketers and company owner.

Before we enter into that, let’s very first speak about what search operators are and why they matter.

.What Are Search Operators?

Search operators are sophisticated search commands that make it much easier to filter search engine result based upon what you do (or do not) wish to see in search results page.

For example, if you were searching for dishes for chicken soup however didn’t wish to see arise from Pinterest, you might utilize a search operator to eliminate Pinterest outcomes by typing in:

” Chicken soup -pinterest”

Google utilizes a vast array of these search operates that make it much easier to utilize the online search engine, consisting of:

.@: to browse social networks websites$: to look for a rate––: to leave a word out” Quotes”: to look for a specific match …: to browse a series of numbersOR: to integrate searchesSite: to browse a particular siteRelated: to look for comparable sites.If you desire to get elegant, #ppppp> You can likewise integrate these commands. You might utilize “@ neil patel OR kelsey jones” to browse for social accounts for both Neil Patel and Kelsey Jones.

Search operators make it much easier to discover the specific information you are searching for, however they likewise are available in useful for online marketers.

.4 Reasons to Use Facebook Search Operators.

Facebook utilized to have a function called the Facebook Graph Search , which permitted users to look for particular material on the platform by utilizing sentences instead of simply keywords. It likewise permitted you to discover who liked a page or checked out a particular city.

Facebook Graph was altered in 2019 , making it much harder to browse the platform. Browse operators, nevertheless, fill that space by permitting users to look for extremely particular material.

How can Facebook search operators assist online marketers? Here are a couple of methods you can utilize those innovative search functions:

.Research study your rivals: See what your competitors depends on, including what kind of material they share and what subjects they speak about. You can likewise discover brand-new rivals in your geographical area.Find material to share: Search for several subjects or precise expression matches to discover content your audience will link with.Find user-generated material (UGC) : Search for your trademark name (and typical misspellings of your brand) to discover content users have actually shared about your brand name, even if they didn’t tag you.Research your audience: Understanding who your audience is and what kind of material they like can assist you construct a more powerful relationship. Usage Facebook search operators to discover material on particular expressions or associated subjects.7 Facebook Search Operators to Try (and How to Use Them).

Facebook search operators utilize Boolean operators, which are the basis of database reasoning. In layperson’’ s terms, Boolean operators are terms that permit you to tighten up the search or expand results. You might utilize AND to browse for 2 search terms at the exact same time.

Below, I’ll cover how to carry out each kind of Facebook search, describe what details it will assist you discover, and check out how to utilize the search operators to grow your organization.

I understand it may sound complex, however I guarantee it’s quite basic, and the outcomes deserve the effort.

.1. Standard Boolean Facebook Search.

Boolean searches do not work utilizing Facebook search, so you’ll require to utilize Google to carry out all the searches we’re about to cover.

Using website: prior to the name of a website will show search results page simply for that particular site. Here’s how it operates in practice. Key in website: facebook and after that whatever search term you’re browsing.


website: facebook.com my preferred murder podcast

This will show the outcomes of groups or posts about the My Favorite Murder podcast.

How to Use This Facebook Search Operator to Grow Your Business.

Use this to discover pages, groups, and users connected to a particular subject. If your target audience is little company owners, you might browse for groups and pages for little company owners.

Pro idea: This search works for all sites, not simply Facebook. State you wish to discover a post from your preferred digital marketing blog site or by a particular author. You would carry out a search for “website: < <>>.”

. 2. Boolean Facebook Search for Two Terms Needing to Be Present.

Using the AND Boolean search function, you can look for 2 terms all at once. If you desire to discover info about digital marketing and little services, you would browse:

website: facebook.com digital marketing AND small company

This will show search results page associated with both digital marketing and small companies:

How to Use This Facebook Search Operator to Grow Your Business.

Perform competitive research study for a particular niche or discover groups your target market comes from on Facebook.

.3. Boolean Facebook Search for One of Two Terms Needing to Be Present.

Similar to the AND function, this search operator permits you to discover outcomes for one term or another. Unlike AND, which needs both terms to be present, the OR function enables you to discover outcomes consisting of either term.

Let’s state you have a software application business that targets consumers who have SaaS (software application as a service) or those who have a subscription website. You would browse:

website: facebook.com SaaS OR subscription websites

The outcomes will show pages, posts, and groups connected to SaaS or subscription websites.

.How to Use This Facebook Search Operator to Grow Your Business.

Research numerous rivals concurrently or look for material associated to your brand name utilizing both your main brand and a misspelling or typically utilized term.

For example, website: facebook.com Moz OR Hubspot would return terms associated with both brand.

.4. Boolean Facebook Search for Terms That Should Not Be Present.

What if you wish to look for a particular term, however you keep getting unassociated outcomes? The NOT Boolean function permits you to get rid of unassociated search terms.

For example, let’s state you are aiming to employ a web designer, however you keep seeing outcomes for designers. You would browse:

website: facebook.com web designer NOT designer

The outcomes will consist of pages, videos, and profiles connected to web designers however not web designers.

.How to Use This Facebook Search Operator to Grow Your Business.

Search for workers or more particular material associated to your market by omitting particular terms. You can likewise utilize it to narrow geographical locations with the comparable or exact same names, such as Paris, Georgia NOT France.

.5. Boolean Facebook Search for Exact Phrase.

Google and Facebook’s search functions have actually gotten smarter in current years, however often they still do not get it rather. You can utilize the precise expression match search operator if you discover your search outcomes are somewhat off.

This Boolean function informs online search engine to just return matches that are specifically the like your search.

To utilize this function, include quote marks to the term you wish to browse.


website: facebook.com “mexican dining establishment in kansas city”

A list of Mexican dining establishments’ Facebook pages will appear in the SERPs , like this:

Remember this is a specific match search. The online search engine will not return outcomes that deviate even somewhat. Search engine result for “mexican dining establishment in kansas city” versus “mexican dining establishments in kansas city” might be incredibly various.

.How to Use This Facebook Search Operator to Grow Your Business.

Find rivals in your location or search for videos or groups connected to a particular crucial term. If your brand name is extremely comparable to another brand name or expression, it may likewise assist you discover UGC.

.6. Boolean Facebook Search to Fill in Blanks.

What if you do not understand precisely what you are trying to find? The fill-in-the-blank function may be available in convenient. If you’’ re looking for a particular individual however can’t rather remember their name, you can utilize an * (asterisk) to inform Google to fill in the blank.

Say you work for Hardrock Cafe and are searching for UGC. Some users may key in Hard Rock Cafe, while others may utilize Hardrock Cafe. The fill-in-the-blank search operator will return outcomes for both.

Here’s how to utilize it:

website: facebook.com difficult * coffee shop

Note that this will show up more than simply Hard Rock and HardRock; it returns any outcomes that consist of Hard and Cafe, no matter what is in between them.

How to Use This Facebook Search Operator to Grow Your Business.

Use the fill-in-the-blank function to discover details about terms that are typically misspelled or formatted in a different way, or if you can’t keep in mind the specific spelling. When users may not keep in mind the precise format of your brand name, this search operator is perfect. It can likewise assist with competitive research study by widening searches.

.7. Boolean Facebook Search for Local Businesses.

Facebook is an effective tool for regional SEO, with more than 1.85 billion everyday active users in the United States alone. Utilizing a search operator for regional searches can assist online marketers and company owner discover regional services.

Say you are thinking about opening a coffeehouse in the Rogers Park area of Chicago. You might utilize this search:

website: facebook.com coffeehouse rogers park chicago

This returns a list of all the coffee bar because area.

.How to Use This Facebook Search Operator to Grow Your Business.

Local services can carry out competitive analysis or marketing research to discover regional companies in their specific niche. It may likewise assist you to discover brand names for a cross-promotion technique .


Search algorithms have actually come a long method over the last few years. They aren’t best.

Facebook search operators let you filter and fine-tune search engine result for competitive analysis , discover material to show your users, and even find groups where your target market hangs out.

If you wish to enhance your Facebook marketing method , search operators are another tool in your toolbelt.

Have you utilized Facebook search operators prior to? Which one is most beneficial?

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