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6 Questions to Ask When Conducting a Competitor Social Media Analysis

Social media has actually developed itself as an important element in B2B marketing techniques. As more platforms are produced and more organizations and people develop profiles, the quantity of sound increases considerably. What matters is concentrating on your group’’ s social networks technique , narrowing in on what works best for your company. Comprehending how your rivals are browsing social media likewise plays an aspect. Carrying out a social network analysis can be a helpful job to get a grasp on how rivals are running on social networks and what results they are seeing whether it be from an engagement or conversion viewpoint.


While there are numerous methods you can set about a rivalsocial networks analysis, it contributes to have insight, and responses, to a couple of concerns. Here are 6 crucial concerns to ask, and response, when examining your rivals on social networks.

. 1. What Social Media Platforms Do My Competitors Utilize?

Understanding where your rivals are investing their time in the social networks sphere is essential. This can provide you ideas regarding which platforms they discover crucial for their marketing activities. When taking a look at their social networks profiles on each platform, think about how well top quality and composed their pages are. One with a more advanced existence suggests a rival that is taking social networks seriously versus one who may simply be periodically active on a platform and hasn ’ t believed their technique through.

. 2. How Big Is My Competitor ’ s Following?

This info is simple to discover on a business ’ s page and can be helpful for setting standards for your B2B social networks method. Looking at the variety of fans, or depending upon the platform, likes, can provide you a sense of the number of individuals are looking towards your rivals for info, news and more. The more fans they have actually, the increased reach their social networks material has.


Make it an indicate examine back once in a while to see if their audience is continuing to grow. You can be sure they are actively investing in constructing brand name evangelists if it is. If it ’ s not, possibly they have actually restricted their efforts on that social networks channel, which in itself can be an idea regarding its efficiency.

. 3. At What Frequency Do My Competitors Post?

Hand in hand with the size of a rival ’ s target market is the frequency of their publishing. You put on ’ t requirement to brochure every post a rival has actually made given that they signed up with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, however attempt to get a basic concept of their schedule. Do they publish 3 times a day? As soon as a week? Have they not published at all in the last 3 months?


A rival that is publishing sporadically or not at all is a free gift that they ’ re not as actively included. For the ones that are publishing routinely and with fascinating material that ’ s getting shared, shared or liked, this suggests they are concentrated on maintaining’a constant publishing cadence on social networks.

. 4. What Content Is My Competitor Posting?

When going through a rival social networks analysis, it is importantto note what material your rivals are publishing. Are they utilizing pictures or video? Do they utilize material from other sources or are they establishing initial material? Is all of it industry-related or are they consisting of other subjects? What ’ s the tone of the material they ’ re publishing– amusing, useful, business or a mix?’


If your rivals are publishing a mix of content types and subjects in addition to making use of language that is a mix of helpful yet unwinded, this can reveal they are well-focused on a strong social networks method.

. 5. Just How Much Engagement Do My Competitors Get?

While it is simple to see what engagement your company is getting on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, understanding the engagement of rivals is a bit more difficult. This procedure is manual as you will need to go to each profile and do some scrolling through their posts. You can utilize these pointers to assist in your rival social networks engagement analysis:

. Take a look at various posts types (words just, image included, video, and so on) to see how engagement varies.Go through posts to see if they make use of hashtags. Utilizing hashtags efficiently can increase reach and engagement. Quote their typical variety of likes, remarks and shares. This can offer insight regarding how individuals are engaging usually. 6. Which Types of My Competitors Social Media Posts Are Generating one of the most Engagement?

Are their photos getting one of the most engagement? What about the videos they publish? The details you collect here can produce concepts for your own social networks method. While audience choices might vary, this can assist function as motivation for a conceptualizing session on brand-new material concepts.

. Level Up Your Social Media Strategy with a Competitor Social Media Analysis.

It is an excellent concept to sign in on your rivals routinely.In this manner, you can see how their efficiency is trending and make modifications to your method to stay competitive. As an extra note, while a competitive analysis can provide you great concepts for your own social networks method, it ’ s an excellent concept to comprehend what opts for your method. In an age of media overload, creativity and credibility is essential to being heard.


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