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6 Facebook Ad Strategies Working for Us Right Now (Post iOS Updates)

A great deal of marketers feared the worst when news of Apple’’ s modifications were revealed … and for great factor. You’re not alone if you’ve seen a dip in the efficiency of your Facebook marketing projects.

But are the days of marketing on Facebook over? Never. Like anything brand-new, it’s a case of observing, discovering, and adjusting to the brand-new world. In this post, I share 6 methods we’’ ve discovered to dramatically enhance the efficiency of our customer projects in a post-iOS14 world. They consist of:

.Restore projects from scratch.Attempt interest stacking.Keep audience growth on.Run on-platform retargeting projects.Usage Facebook lead advertisements.Establish external tracking.Take care of the account basics.

Let’s very first ensure your account is established to be successful and track with these techniques.

.Confirm your company.

When you validate your company, Facebook will ask for a number of legal files to validate your company is genuine. This lessens the danger of future advertisement prohibiting—– obviously, likewise together with complying with Facebook’s marketing standards).

Use Facebook’’ s confirmation directions because these will depend on date, however since this post, here’s how to do it through Business Manager:

.Go to Security.Select Verification.

.Confirm your domain.

Verifying your domain makes sure that you’re able to track your advertisements successfully. It’s just a case of submitting a little file (supplied by Facebook) and including it to your site’s header.

To confirm your domain on Facebook:

.Go to Business Manager and discover Brand Safety>> Domains.Click include, and follow the guidelines.

.Establish Aggregated Event Management.

You require to establish Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM) or your advertisements will not track correctly. Facebook occasions suggest activity within your full-funnel method as the user moves towards your CTA. Occasions are things like:

.Page view.View material.Contribute to Cart.Start Checkout.Purchase.

For example, online stores may track: View material ->> Add to Cart ->> Initiate Checkout ->> Purchase


In the past, it was possible to develop an endless variety of tracking occasions within a Facebook marketing account; now, they’ve restricted it to 8. The majority of marketers just track 1-5 occasions per project, so this should not produce a considerable barrier. If you do utilize lots of various tracking occasions, merely combine your occasions and utilize the exact same ones throughout different projects ( find out more about this technique here) .

To establish aggregated occasion management:

.Go to Events Manager.Click the Aggregated Event Measurement tab.Click Manage Events, and choose your (now validated) domain.Click Manage Events.Include the Events you wish to track throughout your project.

You’ll require to note your occasions by top priority. Make sure that Purchase (for example) is the greatest top priority if your project is about making sales.

.If your Facebook advertisements are not carrying out post-iOS 14, 6 techniques to attempt.

Okay now that you have your account structured correctly, let’s speak about some Facebook advertisement lead generatio n methods that have actually been working for us, regardless of the difficulties caused after the iOS upgrade.

.1. Reconstruct projects from scratch.

If you’’ ve been marketing for a long time, you ’ ve most likely had the ability to get your projects to a point where you’’ re regularly seeing excellent outcomes. You understand the audiences and creatives that work, and Facebook has actually enhanced for those.

But among the most typical discomfort points with iOS is that formerly effective Facebook advertising campaign have actually stopped carrying out along with they utilized to.


But it’’ s not completion of the world.


As with all significant advertisement platform modifications, it’s pass away or adjust. And we’ve discovered that reconstructing a project from scratch can work extremely well. Sure, it’s going to take you a little additional time to reconstruct your project design templates, however among our customers experienced a 59% decrease in expense per lead after reconstructing a formerly effective project.

.2. Attempt interest stacking.

Whizz back to pre-iOS14 when we utilized to do Facebook advertisement targeting by specific interest. This level of uniqueness was invaluable, particularly if you understood your audience. It does not work as well under the brand-new routine.

For example, we utilized to develop one advertisement set targeting a particular interest. If we were looking to target online marketers, we may target individuals who are interested in Buffer. Now, it’s more reliable to go a little more comprehensive. Instead of simply Buffer, you may include Hootsuite + Sprout Social + StreamYard, and so on all into the exact same audience.

Are your advertisements underperforming? Utilize our totally free Facebook Ads Performance Grader to ensure you’re plugging every leakage in your invest.

.3. Keep targeting growth on.

As pointed out above, going wider with your audience’s interests provides Facebook’s algorithm more to deal with. In addition to stacking interests, we likewise suggest locking Targeting Expansion to On.

One of the especially challenging effects of iOS14 is that it’s more difficult to construct reliable Custom Audiences, and for that reason Lookalike Audiences . Lookalikes were huge entertainers, however we’’ ve discovered that projects utilizing interest stacking and Detailed Targeting Expansion have actually begun exceeding them in some scenarios.

For more targeting pointers, have a look at these 8 Tips to Prevail in the Battle of Facebook Advertisement Targeting vs iOS 14 .

.4. Retarget video views.

Want to understand a frightening stat ? 96% iOS14+ users have actually pulled out of tracking. In numerous methods, you can comprehend it: the majority of us didn’t understand the degree to which Facebook followed us around the web. From a libertarian point of view, it kind of makes sense.

But as an outcome, Facebook site retargeting projects are no producing the outcomes they as soon as did. What is producing outcomes for us recently is on-platform retargeting. Simply put, keep users on Facebook since pulling out of tracking does not use if the user remains on-platform.

And on-platform video views can be an extremely efficient Facebook advertisement targeting method even after iOS.

App tracking opt-outs can be an overall catastrophe for marketers…… unless you adjust to alter. And video engagement projects simply might be one method of holding down the fort for your accounts.

One of our customers—– a popular scotch brand name—– saw a 76% decrease in expense per purchase when utilizing video view retargeting versus their routine prospecting projects.

.5. Usage Facebook lead advertisements.

Another on-platform method to create leads on Facebook is through Facebook lead advertisements . These utilized to be the undesirable visitor at the celebration—– the Maleficent that everybody prevented since they produced low-grade leads.

But we’’ re finding lead advertisements to significantly decrease our Facebook expense per lead , making projects more lucrative. We just recently introduced a lead advertising campaign for our company and created leads for less than $8.20 each.

Sure, you’ll still collect some low-grade leads, however the method can make a distinction to your revenues due to the lower expense of leads advertisements. And you can utilize some easy lead certification methods to pre-qualify those clicks.

Plus, lead advertisements are trackable. Lots of iOS users go off the radar once they click your advertisement due to the fact that they’’ ve pulled out of tracking. Lead advertisement remote controls remain within the Facebook community. While leads from external clicks can liquify into the ether, leads from lead advertisements stay trackable. We just recently released a lead advertising campaign for our company and created leads for less than $8.20 each.

Brett McHale has actually likewise discovered lead advertisements, in addition to messenger advertisements, to be especially efficient in getting leads post-iOS 14 .

.6. Establish external tracking &&reporting.

One of the genuine catastrophes of iOS14 is how it has actually adversely impacted Facebook’s capability to report on lead to Ads Manager. Here are 3 things to do about it.

.Utilize the Facebook Conversions API.

Setting up the Facebook pixel utilized to be all you required to report and track on your Facebook advertisements, however with App Tracking Transparency (users can decide to not be tracked) and Google’’ s ultimate devaluation of third-party cookies (which the pixel depends on), the pixel is losing its power.

To prevent underreporting outcomes, it’’ s necessary to start utilizing the Facebook Conversions API (in combination with the pixel). Due to the fact that it links your server straight to Facebook’s, the API does not need cookies for tracking occasions.

To execute CAPI in Business Manager:

.Click the hamburger menu. Go to Events Manager.Select Add Events utilizing the Conversions API.

The easiest method to include occasions utilizing the CAPI is through Partner Integrations. Facebook supplies partner-specific guidelines when you’ve validated which partner hosts your site.

.Usage UTMs.

You’ll likewise get a much clearer reflection of outcomes if you likewise determine efficiency utilizing UTMs and Google Analytics , in addition to Facebook’s tracking.

.Provide yourself a 3-4 day buffer.

Another factor reporting is a little harder now is that Facebook’’ s reporting is postponed up to 3 days, implying conversions you’’ ve gotten from your advertisements in the previous couple of days might not reveal.

.When reporting, #ppppp> This is crucial to keep in mind. Constantly offer yourself a buffer of 3-4 days to guarantee you have the most precise information possible.

The truth is, there is no best method to track advertisement efficiency. You require to discover a method that works particularly for you.

.Move and adjust on.

We may recall one day on the fantastic exodus of the 2021 opt-out and laugh. Like all substantial cultural shifts, there’s a great deal of panic and resistance at first, however those open up to finding out constantly capture the early worm. In either case, we move and adjust on. Which’’ s how we stay effective.

The huge takeaways from all of this are:

.Reconstruct projects from Keep users on-platform and use on-platform tools.Execute external tracking to strengthen your project reporting.Stack interests to widen your audiences (and Lookalikes).Reset your projects for the brand-new world.Enhance your advertisement account setup.

If you attempt these methods you need to begin to see an enhancement in your projects, however just like anything Facebook ads-related, it’’ s everything about screening. Check these methods and discover which ones carry out finest for your organization.


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