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5 Social Media Marketing Lessons from NASA

Image source: NASA through Twitter

Few companies can satisfy NASA’’ s social networks expertise. The area firm has more than 120 million fans throughout all networks, more than 30 million on Twitter alone. NASA does have natural benefits. The company would be a home name without any marketing at all. Couple of companies can frequently launch conducting research study, and barely anybody else can take spectacular images from area.

Still, online marketers can discover much from the area company.

Access specific niche neighborhoods. In addition to its @NASA account, the firm has 500 social accounts focused on specific niche neighborhoods. The extra accounts consist of specific astronauts, area rovers, objectives and stations. The Curiosity Rover, @MarsCuriosity, has more than 4 million Twitter fans. Its Spitzer telescope, @NASAspitzer, has a simple 130,600. Well, simple for NASA.

With these specific niche accounts, the company can send out material to fans who are most thinking about specific subjects. Fans of @AsteroidWatch stress about the earth being struck by asteroids.

Incidentally, NASA accomplishes its excellent outcomes without any paid promos.

Partner with influencers. NASA motivates its fans to share info through its NASA Socials program. Previously called NASA Tweetup, the program uses unique activities and behind-the-scenes occasions at NASA centers to influencers who share the company’’ s news “ in a considerable method. ”


Leading supporters of area expedition and NASA get to satisfy astronauts, researchers and other NASA workers and can look for the very same gain access to as reporters to go to spacecraft launches, media instructions, trips and other activities. Plainly, NASA comprehends the worth of influencer marketing and offering them with behind-the-scenes views of the firm’’ s centers and activities. The exact same method can work for other companies and lots of business.

It ought to likewise be kept in mind that NASA attains its excellent outcomes without any paid promos.

Educate while amusing. NASA’’ s social networks accounts utilize humor, recommendations to pop tunes, and terminology like ‘‘ handle it ’ and ‘ selfie video game ’ to supply an amusing twist to the details being shared. Spectacular pictures and humor grab attention, permitting the company to inform audiences about cosmic entities. The firm changes material to specific networks. On Tumblr and Snapchat, which have a fairly young audience, it prevents clinical lingo and aims to captivate. On Twitter and Reddit, where more users are interested clinical information, the accounts share more helpful posts.

Find insights through social networks tracking and measurement. Social network listening can expose favorable points out that a brand name can reshare. It can likewise expose concepts for enhancement. Through social networks listening, NASA discovered that fans delight in sensational pictures of area and behind-the-scenes view of objectives. It likewise found out that numerous individuals choose to get details though their ears –– not their eyes. That insight (no pun meant) triggered it include audio clips into its material technique. It now produces podcasts through a SoundCloud account and posts noises from area .

The noises showed remarkably popular. Advertising tweets got approximately 6,000 likes and numerous recordings got more than a million plays on SoundCloud.

““ Everybody has that bit of childish wonderment in them,” ” states Jason Townsend, the firm’’ s deputy social networks supervisor on Twitter’’ s blog . “ If we can discover that interest in everyone out there and pull it out of them, then we can truly engage with an audience that has an interest in what we’’ re discussing.””


Don ’ t imitate a robotic, even if you are one. NASA humanizes its makers. In their specific niche social networks accounts, spacecraft speak in the very first individual. They take selfies. The company obviously comprehends that individuals relate much better to people than devices.

““ It ’ s simple to anthropomorphize a rover since we constantly have stereoscopic cams on them, which implies it appears like they have eyes,” ” states NASA Social Media Lead Stephanie L. Smith . “ From eyes, it ’ s simple to envision a face. There ’ s this natural human reaction to take a look at these little robotics nearly like Wall-E and feel an individual connection to them. When they ’ re tweeting in very first individual and informing you what they did at work today, it ’ s simple to cheer for them. ”


Bottom Line: Earth-bound online marketers can discover important lessons from NASA on how the reach social networks results that run outthis world.


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