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10 Statistics That Show Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Look, we get it. It makes good sense. Email marketing seems like it ought to be dead.

With the increase of Slack and messaging platforms, our internal group doesn’’ t usage e-mail much any longer. We work mainly through Slack due to the fact that it’’ s a lot simpler than e-mail.


And the issue is, online marketers believe due to the fact that. their time invested within their inbox has actually decreased—– so has everyone else’’ s.


’But let ’ s zoom out for a 2nd.


It ’ s anticipated that by the end of 2019, there will be 2.9 billion e-mail users . That’’ s many individuals that it ’ s more than 1/3 of the world’’ s population (thank you CampaignMonitor for that contrast)!

While we might not be utilizing e-mail the exact same method we utilized to, customers are definitely still utilizing them to develop brand-new accounts, purchase items, and register for subscription services

So we’’ ll continue to state it loud and.happy—– e-mail marketing isn’’ t dead.

. And we ’ ve got the information to back it up.

Here are 10 e-mail marketing stats from 2018 and 2019 to reveal that e-mail marketing lives and well.

.Email Marketing Statistic # 1: In 2019, 293.6 billion e-mails were sent out and gotten.

That would correspond to 804 million e-mails sent out and.gotten daily. What does this imply? Individuals are hanging around in their inbox.Where individuals hang around is where you can promote the items that will fix.their issues.

.Email Marketing Statistic # 2: Email has a typical ROI of $ 38 for each $1 invested

The typical cost-per-click on Facebook is $1.72 . E-mail is the well-defined winner when you pit these data versus each other. We have to be reasonable. ROI and CPC can differ depending upon market and item. While one organisation might see a big win with e-mail, another may get more bang for their dollar on Facebook or Instagram.

.Email Marketing Statistic # 3: Emails reach 85% of individuals they’’ re sent out to .

Yes, you’’ re. Whether they open that.e-mail is another story, however understanding that your e-mail has the prospective to reach.85% of your list suggests that you have a great deal of take advantage of over the number of.conversions you can press. Now, the secret is to get your deal.

.Email Marketing Statistic # 4: In 2018, Shopify saw $ 37 million in sales per hour , all from users entering their e-mail address to buy items.

If you’’ re asking, what does this need to do.with e-mail marketing, here’’ s what: all of those e-mail addresses simply entered into.an e-mail list that can now be sent out through a funnel for upsells and other.items.

That’’ s a great deal of upsell capacity.


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Email Marketing Statistic # 5: Welcome and thank you e-mails with a link to download something have an 88.7% open rate and a 35.07% click-through rate

While it appears apparent that individuals are going.to open an e-mail that is providing something (like a download link to a lead.magnet), what isn’’ t apparent is the methods to upsell that e-mail. You.can promote a discount rate to your subscription service, an upsell item, or a.package deal. You can put these promotions in the welcome or thank you email, or on.the landing page of the lead magnet.

.Email Marketing Statistic # 6: 58% of individuals examine e-mail prior to monitoring social networks, business search, news, or intranet.

Thought you were striving? You’’re not. alone. Getting a running start on the workday is obviously a larger thing than we.idea. if e-mails are the very first thing a client looks at when they wake up.that’’ s your possibility to provide some important info that ’ s goingto stick. with them throughout the day. Program them just how much you can provide totally free,.simply through your e-mails, and you’’ ll escalate your opportunities of them ending up being.your consumer.

.Email Marketing Statistic # 7: Segmented projects can have as much as a 760% boost in income

Personalizing e-mails, and any project, at.this point is a must. Online marketers have actually taken their share of the marketing genuine.estate and it has actually left customers feeling woozy and starry-eyed. We’’ve all. begun to grow our capability to disregard advertisements which implies online marketers need to be.clever about getting customers’ ’ attention. Do that through customization.Customize e-mail projects based off of the client avatar you’’ re reaching.Is your item being purchased for individual usage or as a present? , if..it’’ s being utilized as a present,’that ’ s a totally various client avatar than. someone wanting to utilize it for individual usage.

.Email Marketing Statistic # 8: Sending 3 deserted cart e-mails leads to 69% more orders versus sending out a single e-mail.

Calling all ecommerce and service companies,.this is an essential stat. While online marketers might seem like we’’ re in overkill mode by.developing a 3-email funnel for deserted carts, the customer is informing us this.is what works.

.Email Marketing Statistic # 9: Email is 40 times more efficient at obtaining brand-new consumers over Facebook or Twitter.

While this figure is incredible, we’’d. certainly love to understand why this is.the case. Is it since individuals shift much better from e-mail to landing page vs.Facebook/Twitter to landing page? We put on’’ t understand the response yet, however for now we.can let the information drive our marketing efforts. DigitalMarketer is definitely an.e-mail heavy online marketer, since that’’ s where we see our outcomes (although, you’’ ll. discover us on all social platforms discussing our items, ensuring that.we’’ re in the very best digital area to satisfy other online marketers).

.Email Marketing Statistic # 10: Europeans typical 26.64% open rates and Americans 19% open rates. Europeans have a 4.35% click-through rate and Americans have a 2.98% click-through rate.

These portions might look little in contrast to each other, however if you begin to run various numbers, you’’ ll see they ’ re quite substantial distinctions. Get Response did an excellent task of discussing this by revealing that even a 1.37% distinction indicates that marketing an item to Europeans might get 46% (or more) clicks than you’’d obtain from Americans.

It’’ s reasonable to believe that e-mail is.dead. It looks like the platform has actually tired itself as a method of.marketing, however the numbers are informing.us a various story.

Email marketing isn’’ t simply alive and well,.it’’ s flourishing. Online marketers understand that offering their consumers important.details within e-mail can drive sales which suggests e-mail isn’’t going. anywhere anytime quickly.


But do not fret Slack, we still enjoy you.

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